Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Exhausting Full Day-What No Bounce?

I cannot believe this but I actually have not gotten a bounce in my weight this time. I landed on 164 and am sticking like a good gymnast :) I half expect that scale to dip to 163 but I'm not waiting or anything :)

I have not forgotten my list..why I had so much time when I didn't weight 164 and now none when I do is beyond me. I am planning on pulling out my old mac (with a working camera) tomorrow morning to 'do' the vlog. I am off to bed to think of what to say...Now if this were a good math lecture I would have no problems. I am not shy but this vlog thing is making me nervous.

nail biting going on here.


1 comment:

Sandy Lee said...

You could always give us a math lesson on the vlog. You'll be fine. I haven't even figured out how to do one so you are way far ahead of me.