Saturday, November 20, 2010

Food Log

10am-noon-1/2 Cup of Tea with milk and 1 tsp of sugar (I had a full cup but let it go cold and then it gave me a stomach ache read below for the weird story).
1:30-1/2 sugar cookie, 1/2c leftover mac and cheese.
2:30-sugar cookie
3:00-5:00-2 cups kettle corn, 4 dots (went to see Harry Potter)
7:00-1 pc personal Pizza hut cheese pizza
7:30-1/2c cream of broccoli soup (i ordered it but they forgot and I ate some of Grace's pizza)
9:00pm-Mango smoothie.

The tea story-
a couple of weeks ago I had trouble getting my tea down. I got scared and went in for an un-fill the same day. Well guess what gave me trouble again this morning. The same..i let a travel cup of tea with milk go cold and tummy responded with pain and threatened to come back on me. I am now wondering if I needed that un-fill after all!! I am doing OK just now--pretty good restriction so I am not going to complain too loudly but obviously I have found yet another food I need to watch out for. The good news is that cold tea isn't really that good anyway :)



Lynda said...

I started having trouble with some teas a couple of years ago (definitely pre-band). White and/or green tea is a particular problem--especially on an empty stomach. I read somewhere that it might steeping too long can also cause problems.

Rachel said...

THanks for your post on my blog. I like the advice, "if the hungry days are out numbering the unhungry days, it is time for a fill". Because I've only been banded two months, I'm trying to figure out what is normal and what is not. Thanks as always Tina!