Friday, November 5, 2010

Dong Much Better and a Thank You

I am good today. I am still a little achy in my chest region (The only time I remember this kind of ache is after the one time I had food poisoning and after a particularly horrendous stuck episode (Roast Beef anyone?). I have not yet had my morning tea but I had a couple of nibbles of my husbands bagel and cream cheese and it has happily gong through my little band. Other than my two nibbles I am going to stick to known safety items today (soups, tea and maybe a coffee).

Jen sent me an awesome header!!! I have no idea how she managed to get the resolution so much better than I could but THANK YOU JEN!!! I fiddled and fiddled with the last one and although I liked it better than my first one this one is wayyyyy better.



Catherine55 said...

That header looks fantastic!! Jen is very talented, in addition to being a total sweetheart!!

Lonicera said...

Love the header!
I'm doing a post when I get home tonight about the adventures I've had this week with the band, and want to quote your remark about surgeons not being interested in how the band works - hope that's OK.

tessierose said...

glad you are feeling better and love the header!

Gen said...

Love the header!!!