Saturday, June 21, 2008

figuring it all out!

Well I took the post-doc position I was offered. I am still hot happy that I had to keep doing the same job for the next three years but I think it is the right decision for now. My boss has agreed to pay me more than what I asked for so tuition for my two older daughters at university will be doable.

My youngest daughter has been accepted at a local magnet school. It is all problem-based, students are arranged in ages 6-8, 9-12, 12-15 and 16-18. The focus is on getting kids active opportunities to learn! Classroom sizes are small and I am very excited to have her away at school for part of the day again.

We are going to make a big move to the town where this school is located (only 20 minutes away). It is a small town 1/2 agriculturally based and 1/2 home to a small private university. Our task now is to get our house finished and on the market so we can find and buy someplace new.

My 23 year old daughter, boyfriend and baby have decided to move home and we are looking for a place with another living space. Either two houses on a property or a duplex so that I can help and they can help us with house and yard care when we go out of town. We have even discussed the possibility of land, chickens, and even a horse. None of this is set in stone yet!!

If all of the above plans work out I am excited!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A New date: A new stab at lapband

I got a call two days ago from doctors office. I will now be having lapband surgery on August 15-3 months later than planned but hopefully in a more healthful place!

I will be missing 2 days of work but my boss says its ok. She is very supportive of the surgery and said to me: get it done with so you can get going!

The busy weeks of high school graduation are over. all of my daughters were home. It was great to see them and my new grandson. I am kicking myself that I did not get a picture of all of them as having them all together will probably happen only rarely from here on out. My oldest daughter is trying to transfer her graduate studies closer to home. I think she is realizing that having grandma close by to help babysit is a plus! My second daughter is back at college for the summer working on campus. my third daughter (the graduate) got a job at a local clothing store and is planning on working as much as possible this summer to save up for next year at university.

Soo starting next fall it will be just the three of us-my husband, 7 year old and I. I am still not sure if I will be working at a real job next year or another post doc position, if we will continue to live in this house, if i can afford all of the university tuition I need to pay, etc........I know i should just take the post doc and get used to having the lapband etc. I am just tired of my job and want something new!