Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weekday Dish

Im super tired tonight-too many nights up late (last night was 1:30 and then I had to get up at 7am to get Grace off to school. I am so productive (work wise) when everyone has gone to bed. The mornings..not so much.

I really like my new job!

The food:
1 diet coke, water
1oz cheese
one bite of the banana I put in Graces Peanut butter sandwich.

1.5 oz cheese, 3 crackers

diet coke
1 salmon patty

1 yogurt
3 home-made steel cut oats with dried apricot cookies (got the recipe off a blog)


The Slow Shrink

I have moved into a new weight loss phase. I rather like it actually. My tightness is really up and down during the day and from day to day. The unpredictability is keeping me on my toes and keeping me away from the testing I have done on my band so many times in the last year and 1/2. The combination of better eating habits and nice amounts of exercise have made it so I am losing about a pound every week or so. Today I dropped again to 194. wahhooooo.

I am now trying to increase my protein and water (This is always my goal it seems). I have had periodic waves of slight dizziness lately. I think it is hunger but the dizzy if showing up more often accompanied by tummy hunger. I figure it is either the long bike rides making me hungry (10 miles last Saturday, 8 on Sunday, 5 on Monday, Today rest) or my body finally figuring out I have lost weight and kicking into fight-back mode.

Now I know I said I was 'done' but I am fine with losing a bit more and I am totally fine with the firming up of my legs (bike-riding is doing wonderful things for my calves and thighs). My yoga pants are now too big and I am wearing Hand me down outfits from my daughters!

The one down side at this point is that I am now too small for my bra. In 110 pounds I have managed to only go down in bra size once. This will be a second. Up to this point I have worn Le mystere bras. They have the formed cups. It is not so much the band that is too is my boobs that are shrinking. Right now I am sitting here with a half filled cup. Since they are formed cups I have been able to wear it without anyone knowing but it is beginning to drive me a little buggy. Obviously my skin is all stretched out so im living in pancake land here. I might try Victoria's secret for the first time in my life.

Since I started on this underwear conversation I will let you in on a little secret..and I do not know why I have done just sort of happened. I have not bought new panties since I started this. Only my boy shorts style ones have posed a problem. My granny panties stay up just fine...only there is a lot of fabric there :). Needless to say if anyone tried to give me a wedgy they would find it impossible. I'm thinking since i have claimed goal that maybe I should get some smaller panties as well. I guess this is another reason to go to Victoria's Secret eh?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Survey From Hawaii Bound Bandster

Good stuff happened at work today! I love love love teaching math. I am too tired to talk more about anything..but it was a very good day. To give you something to read however I thought this would do the trick...I like reading them so maybe you do too?

1. Last beverage → Water (and you thought I was going to say Diet Coke) :)
2. Last phone call → My friend Linda
3. Last text message → My younger daughter Cinda
4. Last song you listened to → They call me Kipper...Kipper the Dog (Grandson loves that show and It rolled around in my head all day)
5. Last time you cried → I have to admit I shed a tear or two during the job switch thing.

1. Dated someone twice? → Well if you mean dated, broke up and then dated again..NO. I have had two dates with the same person a few times now.
2. Been cheated on? → Not to my knowledge
3. Kissed someone? → Yes (duh)
4. Lost someone special? → Yes
5. Been depressed? → Yes
6. Been drunk and threw up? → Yep twice-I recommend against it.

1. Grass Green
2. Lime Green
3. British Racing car green
4. Red


1. Made new friends → well I hope so!
2. Fallen out of love → Yes
3. Laughed until you cried → Yes!
4. Met someone who changed you → Yes
5. Found out who your true friends were → Yes.
6. Found out someone was talking about you → Oh yeah
7. Kissed anyone on your Facebook friend's list → Well my husband and kids are on the list so yep?
8. How many people on your Facebook friends list do you know in real life → all but one
9. How many kids do you want to have → I have 4, that's plenty!
10. Do you have any pets → One outside cat
11. Do you want to change your name → I'm good with this one.
13. What time did you wake up today → 7 am and I went to bed at 2am. kids to get off to school and worky worky stuff to prepare.
14. What were you doing at midnight last night → working on my online class stuff
15. Name something you CANNOT wait for → my plastic surgery consult on April 9
16. Last time you saw your father → The end of Feb when he stopped by before heading south to AZ.
17. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life → I wish houses could clean themselves?
18. What are you listening to right now...The furnace
19. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom → Sure students and my ex brother in law?
23. What's getting on your nerves right now? → I need to go to bed.
24. Most visited webpage → work, facebook
1. What's your name? → Tina Louise
3. Relationship Status → Married
4. Zodiac sign → Aquarius
5. Male or female or transgendered → Female
6. Primary School → Lakeland elementary
7. Middle School → Illahee Junior High school
8. High school → Federal Way High School and East Valley High school

10. Hair color → Dark Brown with Gray

11. Long or short → Long

16. Height → 5'8"

17. Do you have a crush on someone? → Hubby
18: What do you like about yourself? → I'm a kick-ass good math teacher.
19. Piercings → My ears
20. Tattoos → I have Everyone is important in Cherokee tattooed on my foot. Above that is a lamp and in the smoke from the lamp is a turtle. I just talked to my friend about how I am planning on getting 1/2 a bike gear cog when i finish the 50 mile race. If i ever do 100 I will tattoo the other half on.
21. Righty or lefty → Lefty

22. First surgery → C-section age 20
23. First piercing → Ears, age 9
24. First Best Friend → Cheryl 1st grade
26. First sport you joined → Swim Team when in Junior High School
27. First pet → Flopsy a dog. He died of distemper shorter after we got him.
28. First vacation → Road trip to Texas when I was 8. We stopped in at Disney land and Vegas on thew was a blast.
29. First concert → Michel Johnson. We had front row seats. I was in high school and went with my parents.
30. First crush → Andy Cameron age 8. We used to chase him on the playground and try to kiss him. He is now a social studies teacher where we both went to high school.

49. Eating → Nope but i'm hungry
50. Drinking → I had some water a while ago.
52. I'm about to → Go to bed..sleepy
53. Listening to → The furnace stopped but I can now hear the gas fireplace. It is cold tonight.
55. Waiting for → this survey to end so i can go to bed.

58. Want kids? Enough already-how about more grandkids?
59. Want to get married? I think 2 is good enough for me.
60. Careers in mind? The new thing is fun but I do hope I get to do other things..I like challenges.


68. Lips or eyes → I like lips
69. Hugs or kisses → Hugs
70. Shorter or taller → Taller.
71. Older or Younger → My husband is 5 years younger than I am..My first was 2 years older..I dont care either way.
72. Romantic or spontaneous → um both is good.
73. Nice stomach or nice arms → Actually legs and backs are better
74. Sensitive or loud → Sensitive i think.
75. Hook-up or relationship → Relationship.
77. Trouble maker or hesitant → Thoughtful is a better word


78. Kissed a stranger → Depends on how you define stranger
79. Drank hard liquor → most nights (although I have been off it since my last kitchen episode)
80. Lost glasses/contacts → nope..They go on my face first and off last..I cannot see.
81. Sex on first date →nope
82. Broken someone's heart → yep
83. Had your own heart broken → yep
85. Been arrested → Nope
86. Turned someone down → Yes
87. Cried when someone died → Yes
88. Liked a friend that is a girl? →I like my friends who are boys too..aren't you supposed to like your friends?

89. Yourself → Yes
90. Miracles → nope
91. Love at first sight → nope
92. Heaven → nope
93. Santa Clause → well if you don't he doesn't deliver.
95. Kiss on the first date? → Yes!
96. Angels → nope

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → There is is king-sized and has 3 pillows.
98. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? → No
99. Posting this as 100 Truths? → nope because it was missing 2 questions so it is only 98.

Nighty night.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Feeing Better and Awesome Bike Ride

I have no ill effects from yesterday. I did not eat anything for breakfast as I got up, showered and dashed out for a bike ride. After I returned home I made what is now apparently our Sunday lunch tradition (this is according to my oldest daughter Nichole, Grace and David). I refined the salmon patty recipe and like it better plus is it much lower in fat.

1 small can salmon
2 eggs
3/4 c panko crumbs (really crispy dried bread crumbs)
1 clove garlic minced
1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley
dash cayenne pepper
1/2 c diced green onion

I mixed it all together made patties about 3 inches in diameter and pan fried them in olive oil. David is the cook now but he cooks them on medium low with a lid until they are nicely browned on both sides.

The bike ride this morning was awesome! My friend Liz picked me up in her car. She loaded my bike with hers in the back, parked at a school on the edge of the riding area and we rode for 8 miles up and down country hills near where I live. I found out that the 8 mile loop I have been taking around my neighborhood is not even close to as challenging as a country lane ride. Rolling hills are wayyyy harder. Riding on a road with no bike lane and edged by water filled ditches was not as freaky as I worried about and although the ride was challenging and in the wind and rain it was really fun. I had to walk up two hills and stupidly was ready to keep going on. Thankfully Liz was smart enough to know when I was at my limit because she encouraged me to go back to the car...By the time we hit the last two hills before the car I was ready to give in. I gained much more knowledge about how to use my gears to help me get up hills and how not to look up at how high a hill is when I'm climbing it. Instead I look at my feet and cuss and chant one more..

After we got back to the car and loaded up our bikes Liz took me where we would have ridden if she had agreed....eeeekkkkkk it was a wicked bunch of scary twisty hills. I want to own those hills eventually but not today.

I am now sitting on the couch with my laptop and can feel my thigh muscles periodically twitch..So much difference from my old lazy ways.

Another weird Tummy Episode.

@#%$@$%#$ it...

After a great day I had another one of my horrible painful vomit episodes...and that is how I am going to begin the story.

After a nice lie in I got up and surfed the blogs, did a little farmville farming session and read my emails. Davd, Grace and I then went down to give my daughter a lift to the university for a study session (car issues).

When we dropped her off we noticed that the Portland farmers market was back in session so David, Grace and Grant (grandson) did a bit of a shop. We got some lovely potatoes, onions, potted basil, potted oregano and a loaf of artisan bread.

We stopped at the grocery store for a few odds and ends not offered at the farmers market and had a luscious coffee then another stop at a deli for lunch. We then went to the light rail station to pick up my daughter and came home.

Grace went off to a friends, my oldest daughter took the car home for the night along with my grandson :) and David and I decided to take a long bike ride. We went 8 miles and stopped for a drink and then I left him to carry on so that I could get my 12 miles. I had a visit with a neighbor and then carried on home (two hills on the way) for a grand total of 10.

So...then a bit of a rest, some TV, some computer, some knitting and the issues began.

David made me my second vodka and orange of the day (had one during our bike ride). I drank it sort of fast but not unusually so. 20 minutes later I noticed I was extremely hungry and cut some cheese and grabbed a few wheat thins. I ate...then the pain started. This has happened before. I always attributed it to something being stuck but please..I have eaten crackers and cheese so many times I cannot count without ever...ever having a problem. I went in hoping for a vomit (nope not a pb this time)...I finally manged one..still pain...another...still pain...finally after laying down on the floor on my stomach I threw up again and felt some relief. OH did I mention pain? It felt like my stomach was inflating and hurt all across from side to side..This time my port hurt too.

It has all of the signs of an extreme stuck episode without the offending item being involved. I have done this three other times--once with candy corn, and a Wendy's hamburger, Once with a margarita and once with cold roast beef. This one freaks me out more than the rest...stupid is written all over the others...this one..not so much. I guess I am going to have to bring this up with my surgeon next time I see him. Do any of you have any ideas or even similar experiences? Oh and for you newbies...just 4 in a year and a half...Dont wnat to scare the crud out of you :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

BYOC From Drazil

1. If you could change your first name - I was almost Jesse. That was my great-grandmothers name and I wish my mom and had done it. Instead I got the 1960's short and sweet style names popular at the time...just shortening of a longer version or anything like that. I like the Latin flair but the fact that Tina means tiny or small has never applied and it has always been irritating to me. Jesse has history and more flair I think.

2. Why are man hole covers round? because those suckers are heavy and you don't want to have to roll them around to get them to fit just the right way...Have a look as you walk over the next one..they can be sideways, skewed, or upside down. It doesn't matter. because no matter which way you flip the lid they will settle in. a square or triangle or any other shape would require ages of alignment to get them just right. I love manhole covers-I take pictures of them when I travel and each town puts cool artwork on them. Don't forget to look down on vacation :)

Manhole cover Dresden, Germany

3. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
what I can only have one? Lots of things irritate me. I guess hypocrisy bugs me the most...people who tell me I am going to die if i eat hormone laced milk or corn syrup or other preservatives in my food but then smoke 'organic' cigarettes or Those who complain about how someone is mean and evil but in the process exhibit their own inability to show understanding or tolerance for what might be extenuating circumstances in another persons life.

Now the danger that someday down the road I will show my own hypocrisy...dangerous to put into words these things.

4. If you could be a car - what would it be? Post a pic if you can.

Well I couldn't decide you many things to take into consideration here. I finally went with a fun bus...I wouldn't want to be a sports car because they only hold two people. old lady...I went for the party option. I can take you all along. We can crank up some music and install a bar...everyone on board for the party bus! and bonus...its green :)

5. What's the biggest thing you learned from a blog this week or which blog spoke to you the most this week off the top of your head?

Well the biggest impact was Yana's and Amanda's comment on my blog when I was stressing out over my job change. As far as ideas, commiseration, recipes, meal ideas...goodness I get something from each and every blog that I read every week. I am also surfing you all for non-lapband blogs to spice my life up. home decorating, photography, knitting...blogs can suck time but they sure are fun aren't they?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekday Dish

It is Thursday...and seriously it never fails that on Thursday I find myself eating some crappy thing or another and mentally kicking myself and thinking crap I am going to have to write this down tonight! :)

Breakfast-one tall skinny peppermint mocha no whip. 1/2 Starbucks oatmeal with nuts, dried fruit and brown sugar.

Snack-4 bites of a molasses cookie.

Lunch out-fish and chips (2 small pieces about 3oz and 3 french fries

Snack-two squares of bacon chocolate (Yummmy) and 4 squares of Cadbury's dairy milk. Later...1/4 cup tuna no mayo but pickles.

Dinner out-we went out for Thai food. 1 wanton, 1 deep fat fried tofu cube, 1 orange chicken tidbit, 1/4 cup chicken panang curry, 2 T rice.

I was very hungry today and also very open for me. now the weird thing is that I am losing weight still-was right at 295.0 today. I figure it must be the bicycle calorie burning so I am going to monitor things for a while...sheesh If i can eat more and still lose weight I'm not going to mess with things.

I went shopping to Macy's today to look for Justine's slacks. I did find them..but that is another story (I emailed her)...While there I tried on two shirts that looked nice on the hanger and were 75% off. I noticed while in the dressing room that my body has changed and being the critical person that I am...not so good. I am all skinny from the waist down and have a thick waist and stomach. Now i know some of this can be helped by a good tummy tuck but sheesh. I hope that whatever I lose weight-wise from here on out includes some waist fat.

I didn't ride my bike last night so now I have to do it tonight. Sadly it is late and rained all day with windy blech weather...I guess in order to uphold my weekly requirements I am going to have to go ride for 4 miles on my stationary trainer..blech soooo borring. Maybe i can read while i pedal.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Still Worried But Happy

I spent today relaxing with a neighbor dad and five girls at a nearby children's museum. No work...Only worrying about work a little. I spent a long time knitting one of my new socks while I sat on a bench and let the girls play. ahhhhhh so relaxing and something I have not really done in what feels like ages.

Even when I have 'relaxed' I have stewed and worked in my head worrying about the ever mounting pile of tasks waiting me at home. Thanks to my all or nothing ultimatum yesterday from job number 1 I am now a part time girl at job number 2...and I am getting used to it. The pile of work is now swiped clean. I have a couple of wrap up things and prep for my two new classes. I have also done a little scheming about how I can pull in some extra money but over all...good.

This evening Grace is spending the night at a friends house and David isn't home yet. I am enjoying a peaceful warm spring afternoon with a cool breeze coming in through my open patio doors listening the birds and is pretty good.

Oh and I almost forgot..down another pound.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ackk..It is what I wanted But Now I'm Freaked

Last week I got an offer to teach two classes at my local community college. It is a half time job and at half the pay I have been making up to this point. I have been seriously ready to find something new since Christmas. Something that does not require the commute I have been driving. Well I was hoping to transition from the full time job to a half time one but my current boss has other ideas...I have been cut loose. I am torn...on the one hand I need to go but on the other I was hoping that it would be more of a smooth transition...Well like it or not I now have a part time job and time to build the tutoring business or knit or ride my bike or or or....eek

Monday, March 22, 2010


My week long quest for a new road bike came to an end Sunday afternoon with the purchase of a pretty (but not the green color I hoped for) gray bike. My old bike a 1970's schwinn is also gray. It is much heavier and too big for me (I didn't know it was too big until I started shopping).

So now my old bike.

The bike that got me off the couch and onto its big squishy seat is now being replaced by my new fancy, light, fast and smooth Fuji bike. I have bike shorts, gloves, clippy shoes, a pretty green jacket all in preparation for the next phase of this whole lap-bandy journey.

Last night I made a riding schedule after reading an article about how to prepare for long road rides. According to the author of this article it is best to work up to your long ride by going a long distance one day per week and then 5 shorter rides that add up to twice the length of the long ride. Every week you increase your long ride incrementally until you you can ride 75% of the goal ride.

I did all of the math and this week I am to ride one long ride for 12 miles and 5 short rides that are 4 miles each. I picked 12 miles because I know I can already ride that far and I have plenty of time to move up to the 37.5 miles I need to be able to do the week before the 50 mile ride.

These are both borrowed pictures.
I will try and get a few of me actually on the bike in my fancy new gear over the next few weeks.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


So as I said in the previous two posts..It has been a crazy week. The Winter term ended and I had a load of grading to do plus take a final in the statistics class David and I were taking together. On top of that I went to an orientation for my new job and was offered another course to teach. I am planning to talk to my current boss and cut back to part time with her (with specific job description) and spend more time building up a job that does not involve the commute I have been putting in.

On the band front and also this week,I had another foiled fill appointment but this time with my surgeon. Over the weekend i tightened up again (pre-fill jitters or something else I do not know). When I went in on Tuesday I was too tight for a fill. I told him that I hated to cancel appointments because it was too hard to get those appointments. He said he was sorry but we talked about a lot of stuff that made the appointment totally worth it.

I asked him what I should think about for a goal weight. and he are done then. He said that with the amount of weight I have already lost I have reached 99% of the health benefits I could achieve by my weight loss. Any more weight that I lose is providing me with minimal health improvement. He really said..I was done...

It is kind of a gift really. I can keep this idea that I need to be skinny or that I need to get to what I weighed in high school or smaller than high school or size 10 or 12 sized clothes (not since elementary school). I watch friends and other people who beat their heads against a brick wall trying to reach a 'goal' that is never quite realized...missing 5 or 10 pounds and spending inordinate amounts of time 'trying' to get there and not enjoying the path already covered.

As a result I have done some brain revising of my goals. I started this weight loss journey thing so I could be healthier, be more active and have more energy. I have achieved those. So..I am done. I have reached the goals that I set for myself and I am now working to shift my brain from weight loss mode to a new one-Fitness. I am not going to start eating crap again. I am not going to 'go off' this diet but what I am going to do is now shift my main focus to getting ready for the half-century bike ride I am going to ride in August.

Toward that end last weekend we bought two bikes-one for David and one for Grace. I did a bunch of riding and we all did one ride with Grace on her old bike (the new one needs some components to make it safe for her to ride). I have been shopping for a better road bike so that I can start putting miles on the bike that I will ultimately use for the long ride. I am also busily investigating how I can either get my bike with me in June to the UK or rent one while I am there. If anyone knows anyone with a bike shop or bike rentals drop me a message. We will be staying near Cardiff, Wales and I have emailed a shop there but so far they have not replied. By June I will need to be putting some serious miles on the bike each week in order to be ready.

Now here is the really crazy good part of all of this. The biking, the blip of tightness, my TOM, and my brain shift has created a perfect storm of weight loss and I am now moving down the scale again. I have dropped a steady .2 pounds every day for the past 5 days. I clicked to a whole pound two days ago and today I am at 196.2 and perhaps click down to 195 tomorrow. Cool...I have room for more weight loss so I will take what comes gratefully.

Since I did not include my food on Thursday I will give you today:

Breakfast-one tall skim peppermint mocha (starbucks)
Lunch-1 home made salmon patty (we used one garlic clove instead of the powder and 1/2 cup crushed crackers plus 1/3 cup panko crumbs) served with 1 teaspoon tarter sauce
Snack-1 small slice of light apple cake (my neighbor brought it over and said it was 246 cal. per slice)
Dinner-2 oz (1 each of dill havarti, cheddar) 1 teaspoon apricot jam and 4 whole wheat crackers.
Night time hungrys...
2 short bread cookies
2 cups of 96% fat free popcorn (when i have serious munchies I eat this..It makes me feel like the old days when I could eat a lot).
vodka and Orange later tonight.

Now the the seasonal photos-I am going to move them onto the right side of the blog so I can keep adding as they come in and give them the sunshine award they deserve. Leave me a message or email me and let me know if you have one for me to come pick up. I have them from 4 people so far I think....Look to the left to see them!!

Finally and update on my new years resolutions as I have totally lapsed on the page I made for that purpose-

Family fitness: Well we are still progressing. We hardly ever eat out. We cook. we choose healthier foods but I am still the only one losing weight. This latest move to bikes will help hope.

Budget: Still going strong on that one. Bills are getting paid off, we pull out a minimal amount of cash every two weeks and live off of it. Working well and best of all everyone is on board with the plan. The bikes are the result of the savings and a work bonus.

Craft: I have the body of my sweater knitted. I am working on the first sleeve. There is half a sleeve, a second one and trim around the neckline to complete. For my birthday David and Grace bought me an emergency knitting bag. It is quite cute really just like a first aide kit but you put in a small knitting project. He also gave me a gift certificate that I used to buy a pattern, yarn and needles to make a pair of socks. I started them.

Time: Probably the least successful goal but even then still making progress. I turned off my computer while I worked on my stats final yesterday and really noticed how much easier it was to concentrate without distractions. I am again renewing my goal to play when I am playing and work when it is time to work. To that end I was working last week and stayed away from facebook and the blogs until I was done with the days work (the problem is I had more than one days work everyday). I have been spending family time too-biking and such. I am hoping the new job fronts will help not hurt on this goal.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I know I said I would post but...not yet

There is lots to say but now I'm toasty roasty tired. I'm glad I put the list down in the previous post as I will need to to remind me. I just finished my stats final and will turn it in tomorrow morning. After that I should have a good long chance to catch up with myself and all the goings on...Down one pound today and even after the doc says I am 'at goal' Sweet!

I'll leave you to ponder what 'at goal' really means.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

News Coming Soon

Busy Week

Finals graded in two classes
My own Final Still to Take
Visit to Surgeon No fill
Talked about Goals
Talked about Riding
Need a Fill NOW!!!
Upped my riding miles and days
Going to Talk about buying a Bike With Neighbor
Started a new knitting project
Need to do weekday dish
Need to finish seasonal picture list (anymore???)

EEk..this is my working list I will fill in the details tonight or tomorrow.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Perfect Band Right Before My Fill and Spring

Bandy Child
You know how whenever you make a doctors appointment for you child after waiting ages for some sore to heal up or crusty skin or an abnormal cough or whatever the child miraculously recovers?. Then you go into the doctors office looking like an over-protective parent. Well my dear band child has, this weekend, again-decided that she has plenty of saline and has behaved as a very tight band should. I can eat-I can drink but this new 'cured' band stops me fast and keeps me full for ages. I am happy but would have preferred she fix herself last week. I might have to cancel this long awaited and delayed doctors appointment.

Season Pictures From My Friends

I remembered to snap my picture on a rainy blustery day. Here is the view I have from my kitchen window--only you are on the opposite side looking into my kitchen. March 11, 2010. Portland, Oregon.

Taken by Jen from On 03/11/10 from somewhere in the Midwest USA.

I will keep adding pics if you send them to me or leave a comment and tell me to go look! I would like a sample from around the world.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weekday Dish

Breakfast-1 can diet coke
Mid morning-3 lemon girl scout cookies
Lunch-2 oz imitation crab, 1 light lemon yogurt (13 grams protein)
Snack-sesame honey cookie things (6 grams protein)
Protein bar (200 cal-16 grams protein)
Dinner-I made a not very protein laden pasta recipe i got from an Italian cooking show (recipe below). probably (3 grams of protein tops)
After dinner-4 lemon girl scout cookies
1.5 cups orange juice and 1oz vodka (.15 grams of protein).
Some water and another Diet Coke during the day.

Central Italian Low Protein Pasta :)
Pasta boiled
broccoli steamed
old dried up bread grated
olive oi

steam the broccoli or cauliflower, boil the pasta.
cover the bottom of a small skillet with olive oil
lightly brown the garlic, pour in the breadcrumbs and brown them
pour the broccoli, pasta and crumbs toss add parsley and almonds.

Grace helped me make it. We had fun as this was a very kid friendly recipe and we both loved it. David did not.
Overall not so good with the protein.

I am not sure if writing this stuff down is good. On the one hand I am facing the fact that my choices aren't so good but on the other hand I am starting to have that deep in my stomach feeling of the food more important or is the feeling?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yogurt -Man It Makes Me Feel Tight

What is with yogurt? I don't know if I am weird or what but I just spent the last hour trying to eat one small Yoplait light lemon flavored yogurt. It took forever to comfortably get it down. Does anyone else have more difficulty eating soft stuff than they do real food?

This is my cannot in a million years eat this: lettuce, hamburger

This is my hard to eat list: ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, protein smoothies, scrambled eggs.

This is my used to be hard to eat but maybe I need a fill list: bread, pasta (I have not tried rice in forever), reheated foods, potatoes, berries

This is my I can eat it: toasted bread, crackers, cheese, chicken, beans, protein bars, steak, ground turkey, apples, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers....

Ohh i just had a brilliant plan-the first 15 people who post a seasonal photo from their area get my sunshine award. Jen at is my first taker. I am taking the camera to the horse barn with me today-will see what I can find there for my pic.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tight Again, Up the Scale Again, and A Challenge

This morning my weight was up (despite my goodish day yesterday). I am now rotating from 197 to 199.8. This is an improvement over the last two weeks as before it was 199 to 204. Somehow my failed fill caused me to shift down a notch?? Yep I know this makes no sense whatsoever.

I am also about exactly as tight as I want to be when on a losing phase. Today my food included 3oz imitation crab, 1T lighth mayo. 1/2 piece of Davids celebration bread (bread with nuts and raisins (It caused some sliming but no pb). 4triscuit crackers, 1/4 cup chocolate ice cream (I couldn't finish the cone today). 1.5 cups orange juice and 1oz vodka. For dinner I managed 3/4 English muffin and 2oz cheese. Way too many carbs as usual and not enough vegetables.

Ok onto my challenge:

Since I'm all into this Spring has sprung thing Go out and take one picture that shows how the season is shaping up where you live and then post it on your blog. There are enough of us all over the world for this to produce some nicely diverse pictures. You need not devote a whole entry to it..just put it in there somewhere with a caption.

Happy Spring everyone!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

An I Miss Salad Alternative

I miss salad. I ate salad for almost 20 years. I was good and sick of it by the time I got the band and when I discovered lettuce was just not going to be compatible with this band I really didn't care. Hamburgers and bread required a FAR longer grieving process. Well it has finally hit me. I miss it. I have been craving a nice crunchy salad for about 2 weeks now.

I created a passable alternative today that I thought I would share. It helps me pump up my protein, is crunchy and fresh tasting like a salad and

Tina's Not Salad

1/2 of an English cucumber quartered and sliced.
1 sprig of fresh dill
4oz of imitation crab meat (chipped so the fibers are short)
1 T of light mayonnaise.
Fresh ground salt and pepper.

mix it all up in a bowl and you have my breakfast and lunch for the day.

I found some long forgotten red vines in my desk drawer so don't be thinking I am totally successful on my ramping down on the Carbs---I have eaten 2...I vow to stop right now!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring has Sprung

I love Sunday...It is really the only day of the week that is mine to fill (Ok ours as David and Grace are home too). A Sunday in Springtime is one of the best days there is. Today was a nice and restful day full of family fun, alone fun and only a smidge of work.

First off I slept in.........ah lovely

Obviously this is not me..but this perfect stranger really looks like he is having a good sleep doesn't he?

I woke up to a nice calm morning with a diet coke and an email read. Followed by a bit of 'lunch' with two tablespoons of egg salad, 1/2 of a Grace made pancake, and 1 oz cheese.

We then went off to find small single serving baking cups to make individual quiches, shepards pie or some other foodstuff in. We did find some cute ones made in Portugal. They are Olive green with a fluted edges around the tops. We then went to our local Home Depot for some steer manure for the garden and finally to the grocery store for a shop for next week. David is at bat for meal planning this week. He planned the menus, made the grocery list and even prepped some of the meals today.

Once home David went to work on his cooking and baking. He is working his way through the bread-bakers apprentice book making each recipe and logging it on a facebook group discussion board....and in case you are wondering...I am soooooooo grateful that I have a band and can at most eat 1/2 a slice of his bread experiments. woohoooo they are beautiful and tasty..but i only have just that...a taste.

I went outside and dug up two raised beds with my lovely Japanese cultivating tool (love love love this hand tool), amended the soil with one cubic foot of manure in each of the two raised beds and proceeded to plant. I put in two kinds of peas (Alaska early and Snow peas) and then three kinds of potatoes (red, yukon gold and purple). I am quite happy with my cleverness as I dug out a trench around the edge of one of the rectangular bed by mounding up the dirt in the center. I dropped a cut potato 12 inches apart around the sides and then just barely covered them with soil. The remaining soil will go on each time I see the greens reach the surface. Word has it that this will encourage more layers of potatoes.

I still have onion sets to go in but saved the preparation of the other two of my raised beds for another day. I love gardening and this year seems to hold so much promise for some reason :) I have my eye on two scrubby bits at the end of the yard that I will tackle soon to hold sunflowers, corn, watermelon and maybe a few winter squash. I promise pictures eventually :)

just to show you that I do take pictures sometimes-Last evening I took a few pics of flowers in my front yard. Here is a sample for your springtime viewing pleasure.

Oh and I got a nice award from Hawaiian Bound Bandster but I have not yet put up the required stuff..I will get on that this week. Thank you for it!! I will do a proper treatment and thank you ASAP.

This climbs all over the side of my garge and is positioned so that the sweet smell floats around you as you walk up to the front door. It is an evergreen clematis.

A close up shot of the flower on the clematis

This poor bush does not look especially healthy but the smell-so lemony. I think it is called Diane (but am not sure)

Several years ago I bought 100 of these daffodil bulbs in a bag and sprinkled them all over my front yard. I have been reaping the rewards ever since.

I love these little grape hyacinths. They multiply at rapid pace here.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


The interview went well. It was more of a chit chat and get the lay of the land kind of thing. I went away slightly hopeful that this place might provide at least a home-base and fun people to do an odd contract with occasionally. In a best case scenario it might end up providing me with a full time job but nothing is sure or set.

On the band front the chomper band is now wide open again and my stomach is is screaming for food. I have so far managed to keep the weight down still but i fear I am about to swing back up on the wrong side of 200.

With just 30 ish pounds left to lose I have decided it might be time to pull out the diet me again and really try to power the rest of this weight off with hard work and a tiny fill when the distant appointment time comes. S

o the game plan-increase my protein with a shake in the morning. Increase my protein by having a bit of cheese for snacks (minus the crackers) and then a fishy lunch (either crab, tuna or shrimp). and then eat whatever is on the menu for dinner. I also plan to up my bike-riding another notch by putting in daily shorter rides in addition to my Monday night long ride.

Spring has sprung here in the northwest and i feel all hopeful that this is the season to finish up to goal-increase my fitness-and keep up all of the progress I have made (and not blogged about) since Christmas. Ill do some pics to show you whats been up around here since the beginning of the New Year's resolution game plan.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Interview Day-

It is a very casual interview at the nearby University for an adjunct/part time thing. Since it is casual I don't know what to bring or wear..arrrghghg.

I have chosen my semi-denim but dressy slack, my cabi long jacket and my wear all the time gray twisted knit top. I hope i picked correctly (frankly it is all there is in the professional wardrobe dept.) Science people are usually pretty casual so I think picking a middle road should be OK.

I am taking a copy of my CV just in case.

No one sent me directions or even an address as to how to get there. I am going to guess it is the department chair's office so will start there but there are others in the department who have offices in another building. I am not sure where to park or anything...eek.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weekday Dish

My fill level was better and my stomach got the message that I had not eaten much yesterday. Today I was sooooo hungry.

Breakfast and lunch combined-2 oz cheese and 5 wheat thins.
Snack-some more wheat thins (probably 6)
Snack-4 cheetos as I gave some to my daughter and her friend
Snack-25 dark chocolate chips (on major hoover mode)
Snack-1/3 cup steel cut oats made into oatmeal with brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins and walnuts.
Dinner-one egg, 1 oz cheese, 1 teaspoon of butter to cook it in.

I am jonesing for fooooddddddddd we are out of milk but I really fancy a cup of cereal. My husband does too and has gone out for milk.. I am going to project 1 cup of sweetened puffed rice and milk (only i never drink the milk part).

No more acid reflux obviously!

I am one stinking pound from flipping out of the obese category and into overweight. This is not helping right now but I'm glad my band wasn't broken in some way.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Fill is Back...

Ok I am completely befuddled with this fill. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I scheduled and went in for a failed fill. Well my band has completely done an about face and now I am so tight right now that I am seriously worried I am too tight. I am hanging on and being very careful with the food intake-especially after last night and today.

Last night I made a self-concocted meal that I think is totally delicious and everyone else dislikes in the house. I took turkey burger, creamy pesto sauce, parsley, cooked carrots and zucchini. once browned i put the meat sauce in the bottom of my le cruset pot. On top of this I poured corn bread batter. After 20 minutes in the oven I had a yummy casserole thingy. I had my 1/2 cup. I could only eat 1/4 of a cup and I avoided most of the cornbread. The meal sat in my pouch for hours..I didn't feel like I was going to throw it up but it didn't go down either. Around bedtime I drank a glass of water slowly and it pushed what was left through. As everyone else didn't like my meal my guess is that it is now all going to have to be thrown in the garbage.

Today I woke up feeling like i had a little acid reflux. I had a drink and it got better. Had some cheese and crackers for lunch and things felt a little burn-y again. Drank more water and it went away again. I felt fine all afternoon and evening and then had a glass or Orange Juice and then some more cheese and crackers for dinner. Again slight burn. I will have some more water before bed and see what tomorrow brings. I will definitely be taking it easy over the next few days.

I hope I don't need an unfill. and I hope this isn't some scary complication!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally the Scale Budged!

After what seemed like a month but was really only two weeks of no movement on the scale I went from 199.2 to 197.6 today...I was beginning to worry my run was over when in fact it really wasn't all that long at all. My brain sure does exaggerate the length of time between losses- The weight ticker sure does keep me honest about things. As long as I type in the date and weight loss every time the numbers do not lie. I am one stinking pound from being 'just' overweight. I am officially going to change my ticker goal to 163.5 :) that is the highest number I can be and hit the normal BMI range. It is a crazy...crazy...odd feeling to be getting this close to normality.

In the end yesterday I ate very little and did try to take it easy on my stomach after my morning bagel fiasco. When will I learn? Sometimes I think that I spend more time pushing against the boundaries of what I am supposed to do than I do conforming to what I know I should do. I suppose that behavior is what got me into my obese mess in the first place.

The food totals yesterday:
Breakfast 1/2 a bagel toasted with cream cheese-at least 1/2 of it back up again.
luncha chocolate chip cliff bar from my office mates desk drawer. I am sick of my pretzel protein bars and these are OK tasting. They are a bit higher in calories (240) and have about 10 grams of protein.
Snack-3/4 of a tall, skim, peppermint mocha from starbucks, 3 bites from a cranberry scone.
Dinner3/4 cup of home-made mac and cheese (I had some at dinner and then a little more later in the evening).

On the excellent news front I got an email from some people I met at the conference I attended last week and they have asked me to come in to meet about a potential JOB!! I already have a gig this spring at the local community college teaching algebra. This addition might start as another pick up class and if I am very, very lucky expand into a full time grant paid position. woohooo The most important and best of all part is that it is local..only 20 min. drive from my house. I could use some collective group finger crossing on this one :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Feeling Better and Childrens Trauma

We had a busy weekend down here with company and all the girls at home for a visit. Meghan caught a ride down with her aunt (my first husband's sister) so that they could all come down to hang out in Portland for some baby time (my grandson). Now if you recall previous chapters in this saga. Meghan, my second oldest daughter, rear ended another car last Sunday. It wasn't too serious of an accident for the other guy but for some unknown reason her car was touchy on the response system and blew out both airbags. She drove the car home and parked it. Her dad was sorting through getting the windshield replaced and having a couple of days off to catch a rider over to pick it up.

Well I think all of this should have happened faster than it did because her apartment complex apparently did not like the looks of her car in its parking spot and had it towed while she was down for her visit this weekend. We drove her home so that she did not have to take a daisy chain of public transport home and intended to have a look at the car. We missed our chance and instead had to wait around later than we wanted while she tracked down what happened to the car and make plans as to how she was gong to get it back out of the impound lot.

She has to start training for a new job today (promotion with the same employer) and getting the car out of impound is going to be a trick. She will have to figure out somewhere else to put the car until it can be sold or picked up by her dad and pay whatever huge fees they will charge. She will have to do all of this on a break at work or by phone during lunch as everything closes before she gets off work. If she doesn't get it done today the fees go up and she pays more and more out of the money she needs to get a new car. I have learned from my children as they navigate moving from the poverty level to making a decent living (and this daughter has a good college degree). When you are poor there is always someone or something waiting to yank you right down. My two oldest daughters have experienced this time and time again. Poor medical care, services with an attitude, and gotcha moments that are just not kind or necessary and would never happen to those with more income, home ownership and medical insurance. I feel for her-life is tougher these days than i remember it when i first left home to be poor. They really cut you no slack.

OK-on the diet front my hunger and restriction has been up and down. I am still struggling to get enough liquids in. I just don't think about drinking. I can eat just fine and eat more than usual. The scale is creeping down a tad and very slowly. I was at 199.2 for the second day in a row. When I logged the 199 above it was 199.8.

With some meals I can tell the food stays in my pouch much longer than the surgeon stated 20 minutes. I had a hard shell taco last night (fast food and it was part of the mad dash to get home after dropping off Meghan). I finally burped the last bit of it through when I got out of the truck to come in the house. That was 3 hours in my pouch. How long does your food stay north of the band? I have in half a bagel from this morning (shockingly I could eat it) and it is still hanging around in my band after 1 hour. Advice please? Do other doctors have different opinions? If I told him I am almost positive he would turn me down on the fill that I really think I need.

Ok update-the bagel did not stay down---Thank goodness I had a ziplock bag while driving!