Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Fell Into A Burin Ring of Fire :)

My friend talked me into a bike ride this morning.  She is a riding machine :)  I managed 10 miles in the lovely sunshine.  I am soooo sore now.

:)  We then came home and went to Grace;s Spring choir concert, moved a bajillian boxes of yarn into the shop.  Put together three base cabinets for my workshop while David put drawers in my tall cabinets.

Phew...Did I mention I have a bad case of bike butt. :)


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just popping in with a webpage address

Ok it is all hands on deck and busy busy here.  This is what I have been slaving over for the past week. I now have to figure out how to get online registration figured out.

The shop grand opening is June 1. I already have 7 people registered for classes.  I hope that trend continues and I have a busy summer!

Oh..almost forgot.  I popped into my surgeon and he gave me a 0.2 top up.  This is the same amount I had taken out last fall.  The visit was good.  The surgeon manipulated my shoulder a bit and suggested that the pain is probably due to pressure on my diaphragm but as my port doesn't hurt or I don't have stomach pain I am unlikely to have a problem with my band.  I didn't really feel any difference yesterday but today..I can feel it.  Best of all the scale..has turned.  I am down one pound.

Oh and by the way..the surgeon told me to get my arse back on my bike  :)  He was right I know.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

BYOC on Saturday

Thanks to Draz...many of us post the answers to these questions on Friday.  I take part at time and give it a miss at times.  It is Saturday but what the heck..One can bring on craziness any day of the week right?

1. Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions? 

We are senders for mothers day.  David's mum lives far away and gets a US mothers day present most of the time.  My mother usually gets a bigger combined birthday and mother's day present as she was born on mothers day.  

The girls usually come over for a visit and get me flowers or a treat.  

2. Do you take a daily vitamin? Why or why not?

I take Iron (because my doctor said to).  I take a vitamin D-3 and an A vitamin every morning.  I probably should take a multivitamin and I do sometimes but usually it is just the others.  According to my husband the D-3 and A help promote regular sleep. I don't know if they work but I figure since the doctor said I should take a D vitamin anyway in the winter and A is a good green vegetable vitamin that it can't hurt to take them.
3. Do you wear perfume every day? If yes, what kind?

I love perfume on other people.  I do not wear it myself because when I do all I smell is myself and not anyone else.  That annoys me :)
4. When you walk or run or work out outside – what do you take with you?

When I walk I just put on my good tennis shoes and take off.  If i get thirsty I can usually get a bottle of water somewhere along the way.  If I am walking alone I cary my cell phone and play Pandora radio these days with headphones.  If I am walking with Grace and David...we just talk and walk.

If I am working outside I put on my gardening gloves (cause that is usually what I will be doing).  

Run?  um no.

Biking?  I wear my butt padding diaper shorts.  I wear my gloves.  I wear my nice Nike shoes that stick well to my bike pedals.  I usually carry a backpack with my ID, a phone.  I have my safety pack with a spare tube and inflater.  I have water in my water holder and I usually carry a protein bar.  Oh..and my helmet on my head :)

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week.

This week was crazy.  We put together bit cupboards for the workshop part of the shop.  I made arrangement to rent a garage behind our house.  We moved stuff from our storage unit into the house.  I called IKEA seeing if they had more of my order in.  I got my work bank account ready to go and checked on it.  I set up a meeting with one of my yarn suppliers.  David re-messed up my shop with stuff from the garage as he put together three of the storage cupboards.  Grace went to Horseback riding twice and I sat around and waited for her (pretending to work on my webpage for the shop and failing miserably).  My grandson stayed over Thursday night and attempted to Friday but he seemed to have an allergic reaction to the cat and ended up having an asthma attack.  I sorted through a bunch of crap and cut down paperwork from my old offices by 75%.  

The scary part is there is so much left to do.  

As far as my bloggy duties are concerned I rate myself a 6 for reading (cause that part is easy and I can do it even when I am 'pretending' to work on my new webpage.  Posting I was lame at.  I even semi-announced my plans to quit..yeah well as soon as I do that I came back in a day right?  I don't know what will happen on this blog.  I won't go exactly but I really need to attend to shop business so hopefully I will finally learn to be a balanced person and give a reasonable amount of attention to all that I commit to right?


Thursday, May 3, 2012

CH Ch Ch Changes.

After some soul searching and another blip up on the scale I finally took action on that half-baked plan of mine to make a fill appointment.  I have called and amazingly I have an appointment next week to go in for a fill with my surgeon no less.  So I always used to moan about not getting to see my surgeon but I kind of like the new nurse practitioner and I actually had a little pity party in my head about it :).

I am going to ask for my last amount.  Last fall I had something like 0.2 ml taken out.  As I am planning on making a try without the Prozac for a while I am hoping that this will return to the perfect amount of restriction.

I am still working on preparation for the shop.  I have class schedules printed. I am meeting with a yarn wholesaler next week and I have ordered a few things that should be coming soon.  My Ikea order is still unfinished but I am hoping that by this weekend the extra stuff comes in.  We also now have the opportunity to rent an extra garage right behind our house. we won't have to drive to the storage unit and it gives us good incentive to clear out a bunch of stuff before hauling it over here.

I am going to ask my daughters to come over and help with a big moving session this weekend.  Mostly because I am hoping they will take their stuff away and pick up some of my rejects before I haul them off to goodwill and the dump.

Like so many of us this living at or near goal means that our lives get filled up with all of the stuff we never had the energy to do before.  Before the band I was a couch sitter most evenings and spent my nights working on my computer and watching TV.  Now I am out and about much more frequently but that means my computer sits for longer periods of time unopened.  The result is that I fear my blogging time is starting to slip.  I will still come in here to say hi and I will definitely read your blogs but don't be offended or disappear completely if I slow down on the blogging lark.

Please ask me questions and post comments.  It does keep me motivated for sure!!!