Monday, May 18, 2015

UP and Down and Around

I am fed up with the illness gig.  a couple of weeks ago half of my toes on my right food went numb.  This occured sometime during the night as I woke up with them that way.  They are not quite as dead as the one on my left foot.  Those lost feeling several years ago.  They are still though..not with full feeling.  Rather tingly I guess is the best thing I can say.

Two days ago my hands spazzed out again and I am back to waking up with them folded close in a very awkward way.  I wake up in the middle of the night with sharp pains that feels like I am getting a nail spiked through the middle of my palm.  I loosens up in the morning so that I can use it for the most part but still hurts.  I am back to taking an Alieve in the morning.  By 3 pm the pain starts up again.  The past two days I have popped a second one.

The weight-went back up to 204 but lo and behold yesterday had dropped back to 202.  This go round  I can feel my clothing get looser is not budging over my belly.

My trainer guy left town to take a vacation, cycle in a race and see his daughter.  I have not worked out in 7 days (and yes I know I can work out on my own..I am LAME).  I have walked a bit.

I am trying a week without wheat to see if that helps my hands.  If I can manage a week I will do a second.  Oh and yes..the pain could be coming back because I quit exercising.  I am just going to try both at the same time and see what happens.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Down 2 :)

Just a quick update.  I popped on the scale and was down 2 pounds.  I am really surprised because frankly I have gotten used to the stability that 204 had become.  I am not complaining that is for sure :).

Today was pretty good.  Just a bit of hand pain and numb toes.  I took a single alieve and was good for the day.  Sooo much better than last week.

A Little Roller Coastering

Nothing lasts forever right?  Since I last posted I have ridden that ride back into a pain-from-hell and now apparently back into a pretty good place.  I am actually pretty happy it was a short trip (much shorter than the last session at any rate.

Around about a week and a Half to two weeks ago the almost pain free thing switched and I started getting some pretty bad stomach issues (gas, bloating, and the the poo was not its normal self).  I chalked it up to a bit of food poisoning or something and carried on.  So did the tummy thing and at the same time my lymph nodes really swelled up painfully.  The arm pain returned and my feet joined in with numbness every morning.  Needless to say I felt a little bit panicked at this point.

I got in to see my new regular G.P.  and we talked about this ongoing, never ending, never figured out ailment cycle.  She poked and prodded as they always do and then sent me off for more blood tests.  I reiterated my concerns about Lupis because of the family history and asked her what the odds were that my tests could have read as a false negative thing.  She assuremed me that more than one had been run and both read negative. So..we know its not Lupis.

The doctor asked me to go get a blood test (yes more).  When the order came David and I spent  a while looking up what all the tests were and what they were for.  Basically it was the fullmeal deal.  She is/was testing from liver problems to Kidney, to blood cancer and so on.  She says that after these come back she will decide whether I will need to do a 24 hour urine test (yet another way to check my chemical junk).  I am still waiting for blood results.  I am sure some of these have already been done but hey..if she finds something (that isn't too bad of course) than I am game.

By Wednesday I was in agony-peak tummy, lymp, no sleep pain-o-rama. I went in for a second visit to the massage therapist and he was so nice..did the lymph draino thing and said he wished a couple of times he could work it all out.  The morning of the massage I did not take any allieve but I felt so bad even right away after the massage I took the pain killer while walking back to my house. At that point I decided that perhaps the morning Mango, Carrot smoothie was impacting these things as it was the only thing that was different in anyway from before.

 and..on Thursday...

I Went back to a single tall latte for breakfast.  Back in the the coffee and out with the healthy (pseudo) protein and fruit int he morning.  I was pretty quickly better in the stomach department and by today (Saturday)  I am feeling MUCH better.  I had my now regular massage and felt great!  I did a whole bunch of running aroud dong errands and got tired but Grace the 13 year old was tired too :) so I figure we just did a whole bunch :).

I am popping back on to add to this.  It is Sunday morning.  I feel pretty good.  Since morning is when the pain tis is usually at its worst I can say the symptoms are OK-a bit of hand pain, my toes are numb on both feet but it is all tolerable enough that I don't feel the need to swallow a bottle of pain pills :)

weight and fitness update:  I have not lost anymore.  I am still sticking around the 204 mark.  My fitness is still improving though as the  massage therapist moved up to the third floor of the building he rents in.  I ran up those three flights yesterday with him to the office and guess who was breathing heavy and who was not breathing heavy.  I love out fitnessing a young guy :)  It is really good for this old lady's ego.