Saturday, January 24, 2015

Yeah Baby

Well when the scale finally shows movement silly old problems like not being able to use your hands (good in the afternoon positively dire at night and morning) don't really matter.  Just call me T-Rex baby :)  roooar.

From 222 to 215 this week.  I shall return my lovely wardrobe in the closet.

Monday, January 19, 2015


I feel better.  In fact there was a day or two this month where I could really say I felt great.  Sure my hands still hurt but I had a sense of well-being that I had not felt in a long time.  A spring in my step so to speak.

Well..I guess that was the estrogen.  Funny how hormones work.  Mine came back full force and it felt good until..the period started.  4 days and counting.  I am not sure if this is going to be another long term problem or not. I have an ominous feeling but and trying to stay calm.  In the mean time I cracked out the iron tablets again.

I went in after the latest set of blood tests and...Nothing...She only found that I have very young (aka immature) blood cells.  Via the docs translation and the webs I seem to be bleeding somewhere or something is damaging my adult blood cells.  Of course this does not seem to be a solution as to why my hands hurt but hey..I should be used to that right?

Now onto the hands..they go up and down.  last week I had two days where the damn things were darned near useless.  I have manage to figure out how to knit but I cannot open bottles, pull up my comforter at night, get up if sitting ton the floor..anything that requires a pull or push with the hands.

Thursday was a great day hand wise so I rearranged my shop (with lots of help) and I thought I was going to pay the price for that little stunt..but nope.  The hands have been pretty good all weekend. Just a little stiffness in the mornings and then find most of the day.  They feel pretty good right now except right on my middle knuckles (just a little stiff when I bend them).

Weight-hasn't moved much.  I hover at 219.  Some of it is my stupidity and eating stuff I should not but..I do miss that not hungry feeling that seems to have deserted me.  It is a huge battle not to eat right before bed right now as I am hungry-want the food-but then pay the acidy price if I do.  Rather frustrating!

Next on the list in my medical mystery tour is:  colonoscopy (damn damn damn), and she said something about an nerve electricity test.