Monday, July 28, 2008

wrapping up the old news and some new stuff-Postponed surgery AGAIN!!!

Ok to wrap up the whole girlscout camp experience-temporary crown fell out twice, bee sting on my stomach, ripped my pants open on a picnic table. Spent the night and sat on a wooden bench for 2 hours while mosquitos sucked my blood through my clothes!!!

On the good side of things-the girls were great I like aged 10. I can gimp (or boondoggle) or whatever name you prefer like crazy now! and it is OVER! and I can sleep in and stay up late and sit on my butt again.

ok now onto new-------

I went in for my pre-op appointment (yes again). I showed up at my scheduled time to be told that the doctor was running 30 minutes to 1 hour behind schedule-So thankfully I brought my laptop with me because i knew i would have a long break between the doctors visit and my anesthesiologist appt. So cool-i could sit and correct papers early instead of later. As soon as I sad down someone from the back came out and called my name. It was the scheduler who had to tell me that my surgery date would have to be changed for a week later because the surgeon has to go to a malpractice hearing (eeek did she just say malpractice???). There wasn't much point in saying no and It is actually ok because I was cutting out of teaching for two days so this freed me up to do my job. I went back to work on my laptop and they eventually called me into the office. I went in and the nurse pulled up my record. suddenly she got flustered and said---oh i forgot something ill be right back and then hurried out of the room. So i sat and looked at the ceiling, then counted tiles then finally got my laptop back out and went back to work (yes it took that long!!!) Finally the surgeon and nurse practitioner came into and started the 'meeting' not really an examination because it was just a chit chat and signing of paperwork. The nurse who left the room didnt come back and take my temp and blood pressure until after they left. It was very weird and I dont know why she left the room!

funnily enough-the first thing the doctor said was Im sorry but we are going to have to reschedule you-i told him i had already done so and it was fine. then he went on to talk about a court date for a malpractice case (I said back-are you sure you want to mention the malpractice word with me in the room?). he explained the whole thing-I guess a lady who weighed over 700 pounds ended up with a pressure sore that took a couple of months to heal and she was suing the nurses-but he had to testify because he did the surgery. anyhow-I finished my appointments and I am good to go for August 22. Please think good thoughts and keep your fingers crossed that something else doesn't happen to put it off yet again!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Yin Yang or rama-

I cant think of a good title so that one works as well as any other. Today was ok. Way too early-I had to get up at 7am. the girls were mostly good. they entertain themselves much better than the brownies that I usually work with can. We only had to climb up to our camping area once. The rest of the time we cooked, made name badges, chilled out in the shade oh and They had to clean the Biffy (bathroom in the forest for you) NASTY and im very grateful that they clean it and not me.

After camp my Dd and carpool partners went to dinner at McDonalds ( I know, I know counter productive in a big way). we needed a nice greasy lazy reward for our day long efforts don't you think?

I need to have my head examined!

arghghg! I made the fatal error of volunteering! All next week I will be leading 10 girl scouts and 2 PA's (i don't know what the letters stand for but they are supposed to be the older girls who herd and lead the younger ones). Im not sure how good of a job the PA's will do...I had to chase one around during training on Saturday so im kinda worried. I will have the lovely pleasure of helping these girls earn an outdoor fun badge. to do so we have to HIKE! short and one long-up a trail called suicide hill (just the title has me shaking in my boots!). I walked up to our campsite and was panting and wheezing like crazy.

As usual I have managed to screw around and not get my work done this week or this weekend....I dont know if it is me or if I have too much work to accomplish. I think I go to too much effert on each project and need to let go and just get some of this stuff done. screw giving each student specific feedback-just give them a grade and move on!...Of course this work will not go away while I am spending all day at camp. I will have to come home and continue to work at night.

In addition to this I caught some stupid flu or cold thing that has been going around the house..sore throat, stuffy nose, constant nasal drip cold and then hot and then sweating argh...

I think I need to go to bed so that I can wake up with a better attitude. Maybe tomorrow...Ill check in and let you know of my day long torture!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I Had a Dream

I'm not usually one of those metaphysical, lets see what my dreams mean kind of people but I have the most real dream about my surgery last night. I went in, had a whole conversation about how the surgery would proceed with the surgeon (my dream surgeon was way better looking than my real one!!), had the surgery and the spend the rest of the dream walking the halls of the hospital with a full feeling. I remember thinking to myself (while in my dream) how satiated I felt. Not full not hungry just not interested.

I hope that I eventually really get that feeling. Of course-i kinda doubt it given all of the posts from post banded people who talk about head hunger and the desire to eat a lot and fast again. I have less than one month to go...I can't wait to get this show on the road.