Thursday, September 4, 2014

Definitely Not Just One

The gyno stuff is definitely sorted out.  I feel so much better in that arena.  No more water retention. No more bleeding.

Tummy Troubles:

I have been semi-faithfully taking my Prilosec.  When I do take it I have no stomach pain just shoulder pain when I do not eat (I am not going to say this means I am hungry because I'm pretty sure those are not the same thing).  When I forget to take the prilosec the pain has changed to a burning right in the middle of my sternum.  They said a week for the biopsy.  It has been two and one day.  Still no news.  I have called twice.  it is rather annoying.

Other things that are cropping up:

I ache.  My hands hurt, my hips and legs hurt.  I keep wondering if this is because I have fallen back out of shape from knitting all of the time (and sitting on my backside) or if all of this illness junk is because of something bigger or this is just one more thing because I am plain old worn out!

Weight gain:

202 and holding.  I have had to get some new clothes.  My underwear is tight.  and Oh happy day I am the mother of the bride next week.  I have out grown the dress and need to find something that is not form fitting and BLACK!!

Gah…Not living on happy street yet.