Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Leaky Port!??

So I went in for me fill today. The surgeon had a really difficult time poking my port but when he finally did he found that instead of the 5cc's of saline that I am supposed to have in my port I now have 1.4. eeeeek. He added another 1cc and said I should come in again in a week. When he pulled the almost empty needle out he said oh thats not good. I cannot believe it!! He thinks he has accidentally hit the tubing while filling me last time. I will go back in a week and he will try all of this again. If I still do not have fluid than I supposed i will need to go in for further tests to see what is going on.

What really sucks is that 1. I am leaving for the UK in 2 weeks and if I am leaking I will have to go my whole vacation with an empty band. and 2. My good medical insurance is going away January 1 and there is no way he will get me in for surgery before that!!!!!

I will keep you posted on what I find out as the week progresses.