Friday, May 9, 2008

Feeling Better

I am finally home-and feeling better.

The plane was a never ending adventure yesterday as it was delayed so long that we had a 30 minute connection in Seattle. We made it-the last flight out of Seattle to Portland where I had to wait around for my husband to fly in from Phoenix (despite the airport signs and not a employee in sight saying that the flight had already arrived) and home. I planned on waiting to take my pill until evening as I read a website that said taking it in the evening would help the nausea but of course-by the time I got home at 1am I was way to tired to dig the darn things out of my suitcase. I skipped it. I had a couple of dreams in the middle of the night that the faucets had started up again but phew-i was safe and everything was fine. I lazed in a bit today reading a book I started on the planes. My house is Clean as my 18 year old kept it up while I was gone. The yard is weed free (a garden guy came while I was gone) and the weather is one of those perfect Spring days. LIFE IS GOOD!

So you may wonder? is she bipolar? the last post was the crazy lady from hell! Well I am still on the pill but i skipped one yesterday. I did take it again this morning and so far fingers crossed no nausea.

I cancelled my lapband surgery---well actually i attempted to postpone it but the scheduler from hell only let me cancel, requesting that I get my files sent over for the surgeon to have a look at. Ill keep you posted....

so onto the next adventures...

my DH will be gone to Belgium, France, Dublin, Denver, Japan and China in the next three months---Any votes as to which I should attempt to go to? I would like to go to them all but Im not sure if we can afford summer airfare!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Its Not Cancer But I'm Postponing The Band

So I was correct I found out on Monday about the blood tests and even biopsy. Even though I have to say she was obviously worried about me because i found a message from Saturday. She called to check on me and see how I was doing! On a weekend! OMG that is unheard of as far as I am concerned!

Anyway back to the blood test---

I am down 100 iron tablets (the Gyno's words not mine). I am supposed to stay on the pill for two months (with a 1 week break), and empty a bottle of iron. I have to say although I am happy that faucet has turned off I HATE THE PILL and I HATE TAKING IRON

1. I am a bitch-no other way to slice it. I hate my 6 year old, I hate my life, I hate my job...I am angry I want to commit violence. As we speak I am in a hotel room in Alaska next to my 6 year old. She wont go to sleep and it is 11pm. I need to be alone and she wont go to sleep and I am about to start crying....methinks it is the hormones talking or I need some serious mental medication.

2. I have morning sickness from the damn pills. I dont actually barf but I have been sick to my stomach for 4 days. All the time (I am losing weight-but dont really care)

3. I am constipated from the darned iron tablets-its green and I feel like a horse if you catch my innuendo.

4. I have so much work to do and I cannot get caught up. I have another trip to take and people demanding that I read documents, do observations, get ready for my older daughters high school graduation, write two papers, correct assignments, complete reports, attend meetings, find a new job, apply for conferences.......I do not have time to take another two weeks off from work.

My blood work is crap, No one knows why I was bleeding, I'm on the pill for two months, Im tired, and I have too much work. Soooo...I am rescheduling the band for summer. My husband thinks I should still try but (im crying again)...I can't (not usually a word in my vocabulary).

So there you go a self-inflicted (sort of) set back.

Now I have to go write some papers! but joy of all joys-at 11:05 she fell asleep. Exactly the same time as she has done for the past 4 days. She wanted to sleep on time so we could go down for breakfast tomorrow. There is no way in hell I am waking her up! soooo tomorrow is cereal in our room.

**disclaimer-despite my post stating a desire to commit violence I am not actually doing so-I just want to!!