Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Hematological Visit

I visited with Dr Who (not his real name but somehow in my illness fuzzed brain that is what he became).  I went into the freaky Oncology/Hemo office and everyone kept reiterating that I was there for anemia not cancer (perhaps a clue they should work on their PR a little?).  I know I would change the answering machine messages pronto.

They drew some blood.  The gals in the lab were very nice and made jokes.  I liked them.  I showed up early and actually got seen a full hour before my appointment :)  Love that!!

Now the lame-o news.  I have Anemia (well roll out the bandwagons that is new!  NOT).  He said the arm and hand pain were not the result of anemia.  He wants me to come in for IV Iron though (4 freaking hours!!!).  He checked my B-12 results and despite being told on the phone that mine was was very average??? WTF??

So now a full week after thinking I was being sent to this guy to work on the actual pain I was in and continue to be in I am no further towards knowing anything.  I called my GP back to ask..but of course you know you get the shuffle and I have now get to wait until next week for an appointment to see her again.  OH wait..that is also when I see the band doctor for another teensy fill (oh yes the good saline is no longer there..stuff hardly touches the sides again and my 2 pound weight-loss is no more).

and a recap: I have not actually met the new surgeon.  Just my old nurse practitioner is still working.  My old surgeon retired and I have been left with DR saline miser.

so next Friday my only full on relax day for laying in, coffee and paperwork is now being filled with doctors appointments.  Next week is fill, Mammogram and GP visit.

I have to cancel the Iron IV (4 hours) and move it to the 24th.

Did you know you are not supposed to take your Iron with coffee?  Apparently according to DR WHO you are not..from now on I am to drink my coffee, take my alieve and then save the iron for two hours later and a glass of OJ.

If anyone has had hand/arm pain let me know.  Right now no one is any closer to knowing why mine are screwed.  I will take all opinions, speculations and ideas.

:( day.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Its Amazing What Just a Little Saline Can Do

I got a teensy fill on Friday.  My new guy is a beast.  I am only allowed one CC every two weeks.  I miss my old surgeon :(.  I begged for and got..a generous CC of fluid.  Although I am still lower than what I left the hospital with when I started this whole journey I feel better.  Both today and yesterday my hunger dial moved WAYYYY down.  I remember this feeling last time (only since it happened before)  for some reason the heat seeking hunger I have experienced for the last few months has with this little fill shifted to a new kind of hunger..and I am on my knees kissing the feet of the saline makers for it.  Now hungry is when I get a little tummy did not do the talking today.  I do not know if this will last but for today I am truly greatful for this little crumb.  Perhaps at least now I can turn the tide from weight gain to a little bit of loss.

I see the hematologist next Thursday.  My hands and arms are still really painful.  I still cannot really knit.  I did have a little burst of energy today and did some house cleaning.  Given my energy levels over the last few months I am really happy with that.  My self-induced (or husband induced) regime right now is 2 iron tablets, 2 b-12 tablets, a shot of flax seed oil (apparently helps with inflammation), one Aleive in the morning, one prilosec in the afternoon.  He and a friend have suggested I also go get some probiotics to add to the mix. At this point I am gain to try anything while I work to have the pros sort things out.

So basically today..the glass is half full :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

And the Illness Continues

The illness just keeps on giving.  The pain in my hands has gone up and down but mostly so bad that I have not been able to knit for about a week.  Last night I managed to do some tatting but in the middle of the night i woke up with pain in the middle of my hands so bad it woke me up.

So for a quick catch up:

Gyno problems -progesterone IUD solving bleeding issues but not sure if implicated in all of this other junk.

Stomach and side pains-finally have faded but upper GI and endoscopy found nothing but inflammation.

body/join pains increased until I finally went back to my General Doctor.  She decided it was either Iron problems, Lupis or Rheumetoid Arthritis.  She did a blood workup and it came back with no Iron stores and almost no B-12.

So chapter two of this whole saga is:  I need to get a colonoscopy, I need to see a Hemotologist.  It is totally freaking me out that when you look up hemotologist the name is synonymous with cancer or oncology.  I keep saying to myself..just blood Tina just the blood specialist.  When I called to make an appointment today all of the on hold information was about how cancer patients need to eat  and exercise!!!  eek.

On Friday I get to have another fill.  I am going to petition for a big more than the 1cc I have been promised.  apparently if this is blood related there is no reason I cannot have my band help back and..more importantly the weight I have gained cannot be helpful for my health.  I have had to buy big girl underwear again :((((((( and I have about 4 outfits that fit because they are like flipping moomoos.

On the bubbling resentment front-why did it take my GP to finally call for those sorts of blood tests.  You would think the lapband people would have at least done that???

I am sick of eating but hungry as hell.  I am sick of having to try and work and fit in doctors appointments.  I am sick of being so tired I barely get through the work day and then crawl my sorry self up to bed.  I am sick of the pain.  I am sick of gaining weight and hate getting dressed.  :( SAD FACE.