Sunday, October 5, 2014

Its Amazing What Just a Little Saline Can Do

I got a teensy fill on Friday.  My new guy is a beast.  I am only allowed one CC every two weeks.  I miss my old surgeon :(.  I begged for and got..a generous CC of fluid.  Although I am still lower than what I left the hospital with when I started this whole journey I feel better.  Both today and yesterday my hunger dial moved WAYYYY down.  I remember this feeling last time (only since it happened before)  for some reason the heat seeking hunger I have experienced for the last few months has with this little fill shifted to a new kind of hunger..and I am on my knees kissing the feet of the saline makers for it.  Now hungry is when I get a little tummy did not do the talking today.  I do not know if this will last but for today I am truly greatful for this little crumb.  Perhaps at least now I can turn the tide from weight gain to a little bit of loss.

I see the hematologist next Thursday.  My hands and arms are still really painful.  I still cannot really knit.  I did have a little burst of energy today and did some house cleaning.  Given my energy levels over the last few months I am really happy with that.  My self-induced (or husband induced) regime right now is 2 iron tablets, 2 b-12 tablets, a shot of flax seed oil (apparently helps with inflammation), one Aleive in the morning, one prilosec in the afternoon.  He and a friend have suggested I also go get some probiotics to add to the mix. At this point I am gain to try anything while I work to have the pros sort things out.

So basically today..the glass is half full :)


Dinnerland said...

I am so sorry you've been poorly- and your new band surgeon sounds like an asshole. I missed why you are with someone new... maybe a different doc after you've sorted the rest of these things out? As an FYI: My father in law had all sorts of iron issues and saw a heme doc and everything... and he is still here several years later. Try not to worry yourself sick (this from an anxiety junky- but at least I can SAY the right advice.) Thinking healing and hugging thoughts your way.

FritoBandito said...

Hey a couple things on the extra iron...the high dose will bind you up big time! Make sure you are taking something to keep things moving or else that will be a whole new thing you have to deal with. I used the generic form of miralax every 2-3 days, especially when I was doing 4 iron pills a day. Also, know that it takes 2-3 weeks for the iron to really start working, so be patient with that.

Hope things are improving overall!

Bunny said...

Hey babe, did they not offer you a B12 shot? I have one every 8 weeks - I wonder if its weightless surgery induced? I know when i need it… its like 'wow i feel crapola' and hey presto its time for my B12 shot. It is instant too. it makes a difference in like 20 minutes for me. might be worth asking about . I think its called cyanocobalumin or something like that. Feel better!! xx
x hugs bunny x