Wednesday, October 1, 2014

And the Illness Continues

The illness just keeps on giving.  The pain in my hands has gone up and down but mostly so bad that I have not been able to knit for about a week.  Last night I managed to do some tatting but in the middle of the night i woke up with pain in the middle of my hands so bad it woke me up.

So for a quick catch up:

Gyno problems -progesterone IUD solving bleeding issues but not sure if implicated in all of this other junk.

Stomach and side pains-finally have faded but upper GI and endoscopy found nothing but inflammation.

body/join pains increased until I finally went back to my General Doctor.  She decided it was either Iron problems, Lupis or Rheumetoid Arthritis.  She did a blood workup and it came back with no Iron stores and almost no B-12.

So chapter two of this whole saga is:  I need to get a colonoscopy, I need to see a Hemotologist.  It is totally freaking me out that when you look up hemotologist the name is synonymous with cancer or oncology.  I keep saying to myself..just blood Tina just the blood specialist.  When I called to make an appointment today all of the on hold information was about how cancer patients need to eat  and exercise!!!  eek.

On Friday I get to have another fill.  I am going to petition for a big more than the 1cc I have been promised.  apparently if this is blood related there is no reason I cannot have my band help back and..more importantly the weight I have gained cannot be helpful for my health.  I have had to buy big girl underwear again :((((((( and I have about 4 outfits that fit because they are like flipping moomoos.

On the bubbling resentment front-why did it take my GP to finally call for those sorts of blood tests.  You would think the lapband people would have at least done that???

I am sick of eating but hungry as hell.  I am sick of having to try and work and fit in doctors appointments.  I am sick of being so tired I barely get through the work day and then crawl my sorry self up to bed.  I am sick of the pain.  I am sick of gaining weight and hate getting dressed.  :( SAD FACE.


Jen said...

I'm keeping you in my thoughts, hoping for the best! I'm sorry you are having such a terrible time with everything right now, it really sounds so so frustrating!! Big hugs to you...

Tina said...

Thanks Jen..I was having a really downer of a day for sure.