Sunday, April 12, 2015


This time around seems soooo slow but I am relatively happy thus far.

The physical training is continuing.  After my six weeks my trainer repeated his evaluation and I lost 8 or so pounds in the 6 weeks.. This loss did not read as fat the scale thingy indicated it was all muscle.  The trainer and I know that was not so thus we concluded that the scale failed to see the lovely organ fat that I probably lost.

My measurement changes were pretty wonderful-with a good 4 inches in my wait (my waist is the bane of my existence).  this waist thing bothers my newest doctor too (apparently) I drew this conclusiong from the number of times he waved his hand at my waist and commented on how us peri and post menopausal women must suffer from it.

I managed to do several more repetitions than I did on the first day and I ran around the entire park (without dieing).  The park is 1/3 of a mile and given that I have never been a runner I was pretty proud of myself.

Since the six week mark I have met with the trainer 3 more times and he is working me a little harder (I am not sure how I feel about this).  On Friday I manageded to run almost 1 mile during the hour workout.  My trainer Martin is pretty cool actually as he runs with me and does it nice and slow (even though I know he is gagging to do it at his normal pace).  After one lap he forces me to do stair steps, work out my arms with big old rubber band thingies and do sit-ups and then another lap..and then after more arm bending and steppy upping we run yet a third lap.  We did some stretching too (beginning and end).

I am now down to about 204-206 (depending on the day and the water bloat).  I would dearly love to get past that evil 200 mark again soon.

Pain?  well it is almost gone.  I am not sure what did it-as the exercise has got to be helping.  I am still getting one massage a week.  They are now prescribed by my doctor.  The masseuse does lymphatic draining methods to help employ out my hands (the main ones are just below your clavicle).  I also get my back, neck and shoulders massaged too-

Finally I have been trying to eat better.  Still no coffee!!!

In all I feel heaps better and whatever caused it as long as it keeps improving I am OK with that and will keep doing my part to build muscle and stay healthy.  The hands have only slightly ached at any given time and once when I sat down on the floor I had difficulty pushing off with my hands to get up.  I think I am going to do more of that..perhaps in this last 6-7 months my muscles have just weakened too much.

Finally-today I went curling!  one of my customers (neighbor and friend too!)  Curls with her husband so she invited a bunch of us down to learn to play.  It is pretty hard work and difficult to stretch out and push the stone off.  All together 9 couples come out to play.  Although I was sad he couldn't play one of the husbands had an injury and had to sit out and watch.  Thankfully he used this time to snap a couple of photos of us-
 I am holding my broom ready to sweep in front of the stone to keep it moving down the lane.
all of the group learning how to push the stone.  (it is a very difficult crouching position to get into).  I opted to use a push stick this time but I think I am going to practice with socks on my dining room floor so that I can manage it next time on ice.