Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Food Porn, Shoe Porn, and Portland Porn (no really just some buildings)

1. I am at work and it is even pleasant today despite office mix ups and irritations (I just don't care).

2. I had nachos from our local Mexican food wagon. In most of the rest of the US these places are dangerous. In Portland they are an art form. This box of nachos was especially delicious as I have been super tight for the past two days and I managed to eat some of it with no ill effects. My tummy is happy, my eyes are happy and my only problem is I need some pinch eaters to finish the thing off.


3. My new shoes came in the post yesterday. I bought 4 pairs of lovely sandals. I have a thing for sandals with a toe ring. I found three pairs online and then got a pair of flip flops I thought were pretty on top.I bought both the brown and black plus another brand that is similar in style. Best of all they all fit beautifully.

Yup..I am taking these pictures at work and that is my messy desk. Now back to sorting through that stack of papers you can see.

On Monday when I had my hectic day I took a bunch of pictures of the things I see on my walk to and from my office to the max train home. The commute is the best part of my day I think.

Happy Wednesday...with a revived attitude and honest wine involved.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The BOOBS Questions and Answers

1. How did you pick your blog name?

I copied my original from Bunny...Tinas weightloss journey. At the time this seemed perfectly logical but after a while It seemed boring and so I changed it to losing seemed to fit my lifestyle changes and crazy life. The weightloss, kids leaving home, and my marbles.

2. When did you start blogging? I will have to check. I know it was about a year before I was banded so that would be 4 long years ago. Ok I checked-June 2007.

3. Theme of blog:

The blog has gone through phases. I have thrown this out for all to view but really it contains whatever stuff I am working through at the time. In the beginning it was about the hoops I had to go through to get the band. After I got it it was the trials tribulations and successes post band. I talk about my hurdles, mental breakdowns, vacations..oh you know whatever junk is going on at my house.

4. Did you go to BOOBs 2010? Nope I had to teach my math classes instead. In preparation this year so I could go I took fall term off...just so I could come!

5. When were you banded?

August 2008

6. How much have you lost? roughly 140 pounds but that goes back and forth from 136 to 143. Today it is a whopping 141 lbs lost.

7. What are you most looking forward to at BOOBs?
Hanging with the people I have met and those I have not met but have read on the blogs for years now. I am also looking forward to hanging in bars with the girls instead of cleaning house, organizing meals and going to work!! you know..a four day weekend with no responsibilities except dressing myself and deciding what to order off the menu. It all sounds heavenly to me. Oh and some British goodies from Justine!! :)

8. What/who do you hope to find/see/accomplish at BOOBs 2011?

Didn't I already answer that one above? shopping and seeing chicago when it isn't snowing would be nice as well.

9. Children? Pets? I have four daughters three who have left home and one who is still at home. I have a husband and I sold my cat with our house (it is a long story that is on the blog I think..or you can ask me about it).

10. Who is your roomie? Lynda from This time next year.

11. What day do you arrive? I arrive on Thursday.

12. What airport/flight/time?

ORD at 2pm. If anyone else will be there around then I would love to share a limo :)

13. What events are you signed up for?

What? we have to sign up for things?? so far I have signed up to do the walking tour, and Frank Lloyd wright on Saturday. I think I put in for my all you cannot eat dinner too. Do we have to formally declare the other stuff? I guess I need to plan...Does anyone want to be my planner?
14. Hobbies?
I knit, I read (now that I have reading glasses I get to do so without a headache), I travel, I spin wool into yarn, I eat fancy food (my husband has infected me), I drink vodka and peppermint schnapps.

15. Career?

math teacher and math teacher-teacher plus I do math ed research. I am thinking of chucking it all in and opening a yarn shop though :)

16. Single? Married? In a relationship? Married

17. Your birthday month? Valentines day.

18. What do you want other BOOBs to know about you? Well I don't know..I pretty much lay it all on the line on this blog. There are a few secret bits but if you ask I will tell you in Chicago. I have no shame and loose lips. With a drink or two they get even looser.

Addition: Justine reminded me...I will be breakfasting every morning at the nearest starbucks and having an afternoon snack there..soooooo if anyone is interested :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Stuck on CHEESE???

This morning has been quite a trial..and I cannot even blame work (that is totally mellow except for me).

1. 3:00 am I finally fell asleep (insomnia returned-who the hell knows why)
2. 8:15 am phone call from the dentist. Did you know you had an appointment at 8 am? I responded with crap crap crap...she asked when I could get there. I answered 15 minutes. David offered to drive me because my car is in the shop. His #$%#$ truck wouldn't start so I trucked it to the train and arrived 30 minutes late but made it for the cleaning.
3. I had a tooth cleaning (ouch)
4. I had my coffee after the appointment and walked back to the train to go home because it was freaking cold and raining and I was wearing a skirt and short sleeved tshirt.
5. After arriving home I decided that some garlic cheese curds were a good idea...Hmm not so much.

6. Nichole offered to drive me downtown to work (very nice thing). I started barfing on the way down. twice before noon. twice when I hit the building. four times into a zip lock bag in my office (thank goodness I have an office and my office mate is tummy hurts so I'm not done yet.

7. I have only had trouble with cheese was right after I got the band and forgot to chew it. This is definitely a stuck thing.

so there you go girls...this band sneaks up and bites you in the butt when you get complacent so dont!!!

Update: after several more attempts to unstick the goodness knows what part of cheese curd I ran to the bathroom (cause I had to pee) and managed to unstickify it. I was seriously thinking about going in to the surgeons office for some help...and envisioning scary slips and stuff. I am on the straight and arrow with liquids tonight!!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Lovely Weekend Comes to a Close

I enjoyed my weekend. Friday night Grace had a sleep over with her four good friends. I had wine and walked. Saturday David and I laid in until 8:30 and then we snuck out while the night owl girls slept later and had a relaxing cup of coffee and Starbucks (for me) and eggs and bacon for the low carb guy at our local grocery/deli. After that I took David in for a surprise pedicure..he played the big manly man but I think he enjoyed it. He didn't run screaming anyway and his feet look so much more attractive. He even wore his shorts and sandals all weekend. We then walked over and David had a haircut (it was fix your man weekend I guess).

We arrived home at 11ish and the girls had just finished their breakfast of English muffins and Nutella. We took them to a couple of stores and then out to frozen yogurts. We took one home and then Grace tagged along with other two (two sisters) spending an afternoon with them. That left David and I free (whoooopppeeeee).

Just as we were about to go downtown and check out a spinning and yarn store I just heard about we got a call from Nichole. She had a horrible migraine and was not doing too well. We stopped off and picked up grant who went with us for a quick happy hour dinner at an iranian place and shopping at the spinning store. He was cheerful and well-behaved (it is much better to take a grandson along shopping than your own child :))...)

We came home picked up and ferried Grace back to another friends house and forced my friend and this girl's mom to come out with us to the local street of dreams show. She brought her baby while we brought my grandson. Both little guys were very well behaved while we looked at the houses. I don't think any of us were ready to splash out the more than $800,000.00 price tags on those houses but it was interesting to look at cabinetry and room layouts plus the furniture choices they made. The biggest thing I saw that I would like to see if I can add into our new house is they put wooden frames around many of the TV' made them look much more like art and less like boob tubes :)

Today Grace had another friend over and I slept in (reading mostly) until 11am. I got up and we went to Starbucks and then off to the Sunday market near our house. We then went to Costco for a few school supplies. When we got home Grant took a nap in Graces bed while David and I ran my poor car into the shop for its fix up this week. After we got home we went for an afternoon swim and then came home and took a lengthy walk around the neighborhood.

Tomorrow we are both dreading work...but I am looking forward to the morning house escape and coffee plus transit ride.

To leave using Caroline's technique...I have three pictures from this weekend. One from our walk tonight of the cranes behind our neighborhood.
They are building a new fab that will make chips with David's invention in them (it is all top secret of course and not actually his property because the company owns his brain). and then a funny thing he found this weekend at the local Indian grocery store...teehee. The third is a particularly nice bench we saw at the home show.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Walking With Wine

Ahhh glorious Friday finally arrived. I did a bunch of running around that included Grace getting her cast off and some groceries. I did a bunch of work from home and then Grace had three friends (who are all friends with each other) over. They are getting along famously and as I said to the mother of one of them..if all sleep overs were this easy I would have one every weekend.

We cooked burgers, stirfried cabbage and peas with roasted rosemary potatoes on the bar-b. They ate up. We went swimming (Grace could because her cast was off (Horraaaayyyy-I swear it was almost more torture for me than her). and they have settled down to watch secretariat (as all good 10-13 year old girls should love. You know the horse and all that.

While they were watching David and I and my glass of reisling took a walk around the block...well a few blocks actually but only a half a glass worth in time spent. It is very warm here and as I showered after the pool you might notice my failure to wear proper boob-lifting undergarments. yup...thats what happens to the girls when you lose 140 pounds. I deluded myself into thinking I just looked flat chested. David tried to warn me that was not the case...but silly me I was so excited to share my walking with wine adventure with you that I had him take a picture...duh...well I have no shame so am uploading the picture anyway. If the state of the girls bother you too much just remember it costs about 10 k to lift them up. So far I would rather contemplate the body lift and better on those funds.

Happy WEEKEND everyone!!!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wow..Is It Wine Or Prozac

I arrived home in a foul mood. My afternoon was pure hell. Just to recap my moaning angst.

1. I got cut off from the online system at the university in July. At the time they said it was because my contract had expired. I alerted my boss because I was cut off and had not been paid since April. I was on vacation so not having access to the library was a bit difficult but still sub-optimal. Now that work is back on I called the online people on Monday to get my online account reinstated. Their story changed this week and the reason I was told mine didn't work was because I had ham stringed the technology by selecting a user name that matched a graduate form three years ago. After a phone tree handoff for three people I was told I was on my own and would need to re-register online. I tried today and it would not work. I called tech support (number 1 from Monday) and they reiterated the old student problem and then left me on hold for 10 minutes while they tried to figure out the problem. They then told me a work ticket would have to be put in and I would get an email when the problem was fixed. so end of August and I have been paid for some of my summer work but no spring work and still do not have online access even though I need to enter student grades by the end of the week.

2. I went to buy a transit pass on Monday and was told that i needed UV status in order to get the cheaper faculty price and get automatic pre-tax or post tax monthly salary billing for the pass. I called my support person who said 'there is a form for that" and she wrote a promised employment letter and I picked it up at our main office (mine is across campus from this office). I took this letter in today and was told that although I got the reduced rate my status was not one of the 9 (no one said this on Monday) that might provide a monthly pay option. When I asked which of the 9 was the right 9 n one could tell me. My departmental support person didn't know either and has promised to call HR tomorrow and find out. I paid a year ahead and got really annoyed (when I get annoyed I tear up which SUCKS!!)

3. As I finished up the transit purchase I discovered they wanted to put the transit sticker on my employee ID card. I was getting one next and told the guy behind the counter (after I got testy and got teary...he say the would remember me and to come back with my new card). II went over to the admin building and got a new ID card but after they put in my new details (like I was employed and actually faculty/staff they handed me an expired ID card. When I said something the guy behind the counter said that I would now need to go to HR to get a date sticker (I kind of lost it and explained as calmly as I could that I had just spent the afternoon walking from office to office with little success). the manager in the office suddenly said they had a sticker in the drawer and that they would put it on my card for me (sheesh!!!)

4. I turned in a late registration document for one of my students from two weeks ago. My student thought she had registered online but I could not check because I have no flipping access to the university system. by the time I had someone look it up for me (a week later) I found out she had not registered after all. I sent her a copy of the forms with the correct information so she could sign and date the form and fax it back to me. I took the form in only to be told that since it was a week after the class I would need to petition hr admission to the class. I called her today and proceeded to get the forms filled out and get yet another signature. I was just about the haul the paperwork back off to the registrars office when a colleague told me that all I needed to do was sign the override box and they would take the original late registration form I took in on MONDAY!! I took it over and they took it without comment.....!!!!!

sooo after a day that felt much like I imagine life was like during the soviet union and people had to stand in lines all day for a loaf of bread I came home in a very foul mood.

I decided that if any day required a 4th prozac it was today. I took it and my iron tablet out to dinner with David. We stopped off at our new two house for a look around (it looks nice). We then skipped the grill as was our goal and went to the local wine bar and had two glasses of pinot grigio, crackers and cheese. I don't know whether it was the two glasses of wine or the 4th prozac but I am suddenly feeling MUCH BETTER!! For those of you that can remember...there was a beer commercial where two brothers sat on a dock on a lake and one said to the other.."I love you man" to the other and then the screen panned back to Miller Light. well I hugged Meghan...and told her I loved her. I gave Grace a high five and she wacked me with her cast and I told her I loved her. and then I hugged them both while we walked back to the townhouse to show meghan the place..Oh did I tell you they came along after a while and I bought Meghan a glass of wine too.

I LOVE YOU ALL :) hic.........Remind me of this moment when I am back at stupid work tomorrow :)


I have been having a heck of a time sleeping. It is now 1:30 am and I am still wide awake. I don't know if it is delayed jet lag, caffeine or some other unexplainable problem. I sometimes had this when my older kids were younger but I have slept so well since the weightless that this is throwing me for a loop.

My ankles are huge again and I am just not sleeping. I was awake three nights last week and finally took 1/2 and Ambian we had left from when David travelled a lot. I took the other half last night and got a little sleep. The pills are gone and from experience I found that you can only take them one night or they just don't work anymore.

David went to the doctor today for a check up and I went with him (I so did not want to face work). I did a bit of email in the lobby while he was poked and prodded and congratulated for his improving health. Strangely he has low iron too but apparently it is different in his case because his blood cells are still plump and mine are scrawny (those are his words via the't ask me what they mean). His blood pressure is high and his cholesterol ratio is lovely. He has asked for a more detailed blood test (he has been doing some obsessive research that says he should do this test). The doctor wanted more blood drawn to check for the deal with his iron anyway so he is slotted for a major blood draw next week.

Did I tell you he got rear-ended in my CAR!! the bumper is smashed and they called today to tell us the parts were in. The insurance will pay for a rental car for the three days mine is in the shop. I haven't really been bothered by it (only feel bad for my poor car) because I have not driven in days and days...I love pubic transit and have been riding the train or been chauffeured around by someone else. Barring that I have walked to our local shops.

My eating is totally messed up...again seems like jet lag or some other hormonal or unexplained disturbance. I worked hard to get all of my medication down the hatch this morning (it took a glass of water and my morning peppermint mocha frappe to get down three gummy bears, three prozac and the iron pill i managed to find in my bathroom cabinet when I was looking for the still missing water pills. The iron pill does not go down more easily than the iron liquid but it sure tastes a heck of a lot better.

for lunch I managed just over 1/2 a cup of salmon chowder. It was delicious! I fished out as much fish as I could get before trying a couple bites of potato. David and I then walked to a British food store to look for some Tikka Masala sauce (they didn't have it). We finally found it this evening at our local grocery store. At work I stopped in for my afternoon Grande peppermint mocha frappe and then after that proceeded to finish eating a bunch of sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and cashews left from a trail mix bag I bought on Monday. I took the street car to the main line doing my best to avoid getting yet another coffee (I wanted to really badly and I am sure the caffeine would not have helped this situation I am in right now). At home one or two of those seeds must have gotten stuck because i had a little session with the garbage disposal (three hours after eating them!). Later in the evening there was orange juice, a mini ice cream bar and some garlic cheese curds at 10pm. I am now a bit acidy (duh I wonder why). I do know that I ingested way more calories in coffees than I did in food.

After our lunch and curry search David dropped me off at my office downtown. I had a printer to take in as our office one has not worked since I got the job. I got a free one with my new computer (yes I finally replaced the bubble ruined one). It is a sad day when the university is so broke that they won't even fix your printer and you have to resort to dragging your own in. I did some calling to get myself reinstated with privileges today (I did say they failed to submit a new contract for me and the university shut me out of every thing right?? oh and didn't pay me for two three months?) well...needless to say that is not helping my job satisfaction rating at all. I managed to get a friendly faculty ID worker but the IT guy pretty much said I was on my own and had to go through the whole process of reregistering again. I was too busy to get it done today as I went in late and sorted through a bucket load of data and spend 30 minutes trying to get my printer to actually talk to my ancient desktop at work. I finally got all of the data checked in and the printer running at 7pm.

This is what Insomnia looks like on me :)

so here i sit on the couch..David went to bed ages ago and my eyes are sprung open like they are being held with toothpicks. I just watched a real tear jerker called My Name is Khan (very good but I do like bollywood and this is a modern mix of US and Bolly :))...

My weight has dropped back down a there any more rambling I can do while I wait to get sleepy? Is anyone else awake out there? :)

Note: This stuff isn't nearly as riveting as it was when I was cavorting around the UK on vacation is it :) I hope someone is somewhere having a great vacation.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sound Familiar?

Monday means work day. I am full time for the next three weeks. During a particularly tedious meeting all I could think about was...GAWD I hate this job and need to find a new one. It took so much control of my mind that even my coworker questioned why I was so silent during the meeting afterwards....I was really quite active trying not to quit right then and there. The job itself is is the chaos and frankly...people.

This was all after a delicious morning coffee and a particularly relaxing train ride into town. Since we returned from the UK I have been a public transit girl and I love love riding the train into work every morning and even home. The walk is calming. I drink my coffee while walking and riding into town and have another small one (well it is sweet treat receipt season) on my walk to the train after work.

I had visions of getting rid of one of our cars even tonight.

After I arrived home I did a big clutter busting clean (It is never ending in this house) and then got all of Graces clothes out of her closet and drawers to evaluate what she needed for school shopping. The girl has a bucket load of clothes and really needs nothing. She is not happy with this idea but I a holding firm. She will get underwear, socks, and tennis shoes. She will get one outfit to wear the first day of school and that is it for quite some tie to come.

I wish my children were hyper organized :) goodness knows I am not but is so annoying to sort through a mess like she had in her closet. :) Tomorrow Cinda is babysitting while I am at work and she is on errand for the few back to school things needed. Run the goodwill items out, and get paperwork to register Grace for her new school.

On the food front...My stomach has jet lag!! I am super tight in the morning, tight in the evening and starving hungry all day. It is odd and I am doing my best to eat what is right instead of what is easy in the evenings. Tonight David made a delicious BLT (not so great a choice but they were my garden grown tomatoes) plus some cheese curds this evening. It is now almost 11 and the food is showing no signs of moving through my stoma. The iron is helping me feel perky but also wrecking havoc with my bowels...aaaack. I have been a good girl though and keep taking them.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sweet Saturdays of Summer

I had a lovely day today. In the morning a friend and I walked to our local nail salon We had the works and for a darned reasonable price as well :) I am hooked. This place does full on soaks in fancy throne chairs, massages and wax treatments. They then slathered on lovely nail polish and then decorated my big toe with a beautiful white flower and a little tiny green rhinestone.
We then had shellac nails done. I believe I am hooked and will continue to get my nails fixed up. They last a whole month and feel like normal old nails.

I love them!

One nail :) It is really hard to take pictures of your fingernails without getting some other unattractive body bit with a computer camera :)

After our nail treatments we walked over to our organic grocery store and got a bit of lunch from the deli. The weather was wonderful today hitting almost 90 degrees f. After lunch we popped into the house we have put an offer on. It has been ticking along so long I frankly forgot how much of the house was laid out. Thankfully I still like it :).

Funnily enough while getting our nails done my friend asked me what David and I would be doing on our was today and both of us forgot. He thought it was tomorrow and I thought it was next Saturday. His weeks of vacationing and my two weeks of full on obnoxious work we both lost track of the date. I called David and informed him of our anniversary and he quickly made dinner reservations downtown.

I came home swapped into my black and white maxi dress and we were off to a fine resturant We want to a great place that from the street didn't look that great. It was in an aging hotel that look like it has recently been tarted up to be a boutique hotel but was a bit shabby looking. We had to go through the lobby to get to the restaurant. It looked really nice and stylish and was empty except for a few people in the bar. We had cheesy mushroom fondue with crustini. We had wild mushrooms with a sweet herbed sauce and smoked salmon fritters. I had a white watermelon and vodka drink while David had a nice glass of Pinot Noir. For dessert we had a cheesecake ball on strawberry rhubarb sauce with apple and balsamic vinegar gelatin cubes. David had nitro frozen lemon curd, strawberry and chocolate ice creams. I sampled all but not too much of anything. It was very very good! A rival to anything we had in the UK in fact.

Grace spent the night with a friend and so David and I walked along the river front and then went and saw the movie One Day. We then came home and took another walk around the neighborhood. It is still beautifully warm out and we are having a bit of a TV watch until it cools down.

I am glad there is one more day of my weekend left :)


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Another long day at work. I will provide details tomorrow..but lets just say I am not a happy camper.

The iron so SOOOOOOOOO nasty. I might just have to work on getting a pill form and suffer through its passage through my stoma.

I did some knitting with the local knitting group this evening...thankfully something bright in my stupid day.

Oh and did I say my ankles are the size of grapefruits? phtttttttttttt.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Holy Crapity

I spent from 10:30 until 1:30 at the doctors office today. First there was the visit with my surgeon (He really is a good guy who takes all the time you need to talk). Then a trek up to what we in these parts call "the hill" to go take part in the research study I am a member of.

The Dr. was in some agreement with my primary care physician in that he said several of my blood levels were on the low side. He did however state that some of them were borderline and I could just focus on the important ones. Sadly the important ones were vitamin D and Iron. I have always been a bit low but according to the numbers I have dipped into the low realm and must take iron and get better about taking my gummy vitamins. He also said I that if these numbers don't improve I will need to take calcium and extra D. Now taking pills is not the easiest thing for me without a band and with a band it is much more difficult. I have 3 prozac to take every morning and that takes about 30 minutes to feed through (I have to take one at a time and wait for them to pass through my stoma). If I start adding more on the list I will be drinking and pill taking until lunch. I got some liquid iron to make things easier but it is soooooo nasty I am not sure I will survive the pain. :)

The doctor addressed my weight (damn scale was up to 169 in his office). He quizzed me on my liquid intake (whether I was drinking milk or juice. I do but not to excess. He offered me a fill which I declined. He offered me an unfill and I also declined it :). H said that i needed to have my follow up blood work results sent over to him.

We then talked exercise and bike-riding for the next 10 minutes. He is an avid rider and was quite interested in my bike crash in December and kept saying that biking was great even when you are old and then long as you don't fall off your bike. I told him that I walked everywhere and he told me where all of the trails were from his office back to my university. He really got excited by the idea that I walked and biked and said that the key to staying successful with weight loss is exercise. It sure is a lot easier to do than formal gym stuff.

He then gave me dubious directions up to "the hill". My doctor is affiliated with OHSU and they have two campus areas. One is on the river front and the other is up a very steep hillside. the two are connected by a sky tram that doctors and patients can ride back and forth. The old research lab was in the riverfront building but they have been moved and it was a pain in the arse. I had to get a ticket to ride the tram up (fun but time consuming). I then had to ask for directions to the research building. She told me to go up a floor and then go through a connecting hallway. I ended up on a surgical ward and the nurse gave me a different set of directions. I then went outside attempting to follow my surgeons directions and finally found the place. When I got there I found that I had almost been to the connecting hallway but the nurse in the ward sent me back..Along the way I met one of my ex-students who was very happy to see me so I guess the walk was worth it.

The research appointment took an hour and a half. They drew blood, I peed into a cup. They took my body stats and then had me do a 1/4 mile walk. My stats were awesome! I had only lost 4 pounds from my last year's visit but lost a huge amount of body fat. Even the research assistant was excited by the information. My blood pressure was up (but she said any number of reasons could exist for it..I think it was the frustrating walk). I did my 1/4 mile test and my heart rate hardly went up and after a 2 minute sitdown it was back down to 55 bpm. Hoorayyyyyyyyy :)

I do like this part of the whole band thing. The numbers get better and my fluctuates but only along a narrow band and I can live with that. Ignore me if I change my tune tomorrow and moan about my weight OK?

Work last week was this week has kind of sucked (no suck is not a swear word in my book :))...I want to retire but I think just finding another job might be a better choice. I am really dreaming of a career change. Does anyone have any great ideas? Does anyone have a good job for me? :)


Monday, August 15, 2011

Home and Back to Work...grrr

I got a very expensive haircut while hanging out with my friend in Chichester. I kind of feel like its the same hair cut as my mom has. I feel a regrow coming on. The saggy neck is not helping me feel good about my youth or lack of youth either.

We have been home for just over a week. We had jet lag. I hat to dive right back into work. Leading the workshop that I taught was fun as I like teaching. Going back to work and giving up the joyous vacation was not fun :)

I gained 5 pounds overall this vacation. I am working on getting it back off now. My band has tightened up (thankfully) as it should i think and is lending me a hand.

I finally purchased my boobs tickets. Chi-town awaits.

Tomorrow is my 3 year annual band check up. I got a call while I was gone from my GP to tell me that my blood levels were not great. Apparently I was slightly low in Iron--I have always been. She said I was slightly low in Calcium--I have always been. The funny thing is I drink and eat carloads of dairy now and hardly any diet coke or soda anymore..go figure on that one. She added that my B-12 was low. I will have to discuss that one with my band doctor (not sure what that means really). and finally my D was low (well hello..i live in is only normal when I have spent two months poolside). Apparently the vitamin D levels being touted by research was taken from lifeguards in Los Angeles. They are saying we should have the D levels of freaking California beach hangers...I think not. If it is way low I will take some otherwise..phttttt on low D.

I will post more tomorrow..this was just quickly to let you know I am not dead and made it home from the land of fish and chips :)