Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sweet Saturdays of Summer

I had a lovely day today. In the morning a friend and I walked to our local nail salon We had the works and for a darned reasonable price as well :) I am hooked. This place does full on soaks in fancy throne chairs, massages and wax treatments. They then slathered on lovely nail polish and then decorated my big toe with a beautiful white flower and a little tiny green rhinestone.
We then had shellac nails done. I believe I am hooked and will continue to get my nails fixed up. They last a whole month and feel like normal old nails.

I love them!

One nail :) It is really hard to take pictures of your fingernails without getting some other unattractive body bit with a computer camera :)

After our nail treatments we walked over to our organic grocery store and got a bit of lunch from the deli. The weather was wonderful today hitting almost 90 degrees f. After lunch we popped into the house we have put an offer on. It has been ticking along so long I frankly forgot how much of the house was laid out. Thankfully I still like it :).

Funnily enough while getting our nails done my friend asked me what David and I would be doing on our was today and both of us forgot. He thought it was tomorrow and I thought it was next Saturday. His weeks of vacationing and my two weeks of full on obnoxious work we both lost track of the date. I called David and informed him of our anniversary and he quickly made dinner reservations downtown.

I came home swapped into my black and white maxi dress and we were off to a fine resturant We want to a great place that from the street didn't look that great. It was in an aging hotel that look like it has recently been tarted up to be a boutique hotel but was a bit shabby looking. We had to go through the lobby to get to the restaurant. It looked really nice and stylish and was empty except for a few people in the bar. We had cheesy mushroom fondue with crustini. We had wild mushrooms with a sweet herbed sauce and smoked salmon fritters. I had a white watermelon and vodka drink while David had a nice glass of Pinot Noir. For dessert we had a cheesecake ball on strawberry rhubarb sauce with apple and balsamic vinegar gelatin cubes. David had nitro frozen lemon curd, strawberry and chocolate ice creams. I sampled all but not too much of anything. It was very very good! A rival to anything we had in the UK in fact.

Grace spent the night with a friend and so David and I walked along the river front and then went and saw the movie One Day. We then came home and took another walk around the neighborhood. It is still beautifully warm out and we are having a bit of a TV watch until it cools down.

I am glad there is one more day of my weekend left :)



Lynda said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! [happy anniversary]

Lyla said...

Happy Anniversary! Getting pampered and then fed good food is definitely a good way to spend the day.

Linda said...

Sounds like a lovely Saturday. Happy Anniversary! Yesterday was my Mom and Dad's anniversary too! 51st, so that's a good sign for you.
Hey can you let me know what meal you want for the BOOBS Saturday night dinner?

Dinnerland said...

Looking great!

Debi said...

Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like you had a great night. :)

Lonicera said...

I adored having acrylic nails at one time but I noticed after a bit that my own nails underneath were turning to jelly, and I had to stop. For ages afterwards they would develop perpendicular cracks, which I didn't like much. However, I did fancy myself in long coral coloured nails, I must admit!

AM said...

You deserve to spoil yourself! Great journey!

Colls said...

Happy Anniversary! Sound like a fabulous night! <3

Justine said...

Those nails look great! Think I'll treat myself to a manicure and pedicure when we're in Chicago. Belated Happy Anniversary!