Friday, August 26, 2011

Walking With Wine

Ahhh glorious Friday finally arrived. I did a bunch of running around that included Grace getting her cast off and some groceries. I did a bunch of work from home and then Grace had three friends (who are all friends with each other) over. They are getting along famously and as I said to the mother of one of them..if all sleep overs were this easy I would have one every weekend.

We cooked burgers, stirfried cabbage and peas with roasted rosemary potatoes on the bar-b. They ate up. We went swimming (Grace could because her cast was off (Horraaaayyyy-I swear it was almost more torture for me than her). and they have settled down to watch secretariat (as all good 10-13 year old girls should love. You know the horse and all that.

While they were watching David and I and my glass of reisling took a walk around the block...well a few blocks actually but only a half a glass worth in time spent. It is very warm here and as I showered after the pool you might notice my failure to wear proper boob-lifting undergarments. yup...thats what happens to the girls when you lose 140 pounds. I deluded myself into thinking I just looked flat chested. David tried to warn me that was not the case...but silly me I was so excited to share my walking with wine adventure with you that I had him take a picture...duh...well I have no shame so am uploading the picture anyway. If the state of the girls bother you too much just remember it costs about 10 k to lift them up. So far I would rather contemplate the body lift and better on those funds.

Happy WEEKEND everyone!!!



Jen said...

I so love that you took your wine for a walk, I just might have to try that too! I didn't notice the girls, I was staring at the wine... so pretty :)

Lonicera said...

Such an improvement from yesterday!
Nice way to end the day.

Cece said...

I haven't even lost all that much weight but I need to get to one of those fancy-schmancy places where you spend a fortune to get properly measured and spend another fortune on their uplifting support garments (I believe that is their phrase) :) I think you look great !

Read said...

You look fantastic!

Lyla said...

Now that's my kind of exercise :)