Thursday, August 25, 2011


I have been having a heck of a time sleeping. It is now 1:30 am and I am still wide awake. I don't know if it is delayed jet lag, caffeine or some other unexplainable problem. I sometimes had this when my older kids were younger but I have slept so well since the weightless that this is throwing me for a loop.

My ankles are huge again and I am just not sleeping. I was awake three nights last week and finally took 1/2 and Ambian we had left from when David travelled a lot. I took the other half last night and got a little sleep. The pills are gone and from experience I found that you can only take them one night or they just don't work anymore.

David went to the doctor today for a check up and I went with him (I so did not want to face work). I did a bit of email in the lobby while he was poked and prodded and congratulated for his improving health. Strangely he has low iron too but apparently it is different in his case because his blood cells are still plump and mine are scrawny (those are his words via the't ask me what they mean). His blood pressure is high and his cholesterol ratio is lovely. He has asked for a more detailed blood test (he has been doing some obsessive research that says he should do this test). The doctor wanted more blood drawn to check for the deal with his iron anyway so he is slotted for a major blood draw next week.

Did I tell you he got rear-ended in my CAR!! the bumper is smashed and they called today to tell us the parts were in. The insurance will pay for a rental car for the three days mine is in the shop. I haven't really been bothered by it (only feel bad for my poor car) because I have not driven in days and days...I love pubic transit and have been riding the train or been chauffeured around by someone else. Barring that I have walked to our local shops.

My eating is totally messed up...again seems like jet lag or some other hormonal or unexplained disturbance. I worked hard to get all of my medication down the hatch this morning (it took a glass of water and my morning peppermint mocha frappe to get down three gummy bears, three prozac and the iron pill i managed to find in my bathroom cabinet when I was looking for the still missing water pills. The iron pill does not go down more easily than the iron liquid but it sure tastes a heck of a lot better.

for lunch I managed just over 1/2 a cup of salmon chowder. It was delicious! I fished out as much fish as I could get before trying a couple bites of potato. David and I then walked to a British food store to look for some Tikka Masala sauce (they didn't have it). We finally found it this evening at our local grocery store. At work I stopped in for my afternoon Grande peppermint mocha frappe and then after that proceeded to finish eating a bunch of sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and cashews left from a trail mix bag I bought on Monday. I took the street car to the main line doing my best to avoid getting yet another coffee (I wanted to really badly and I am sure the caffeine would not have helped this situation I am in right now). At home one or two of those seeds must have gotten stuck because i had a little session with the garbage disposal (three hours after eating them!). Later in the evening there was orange juice, a mini ice cream bar and some garlic cheese curds at 10pm. I am now a bit acidy (duh I wonder why). I do know that I ingested way more calories in coffees than I did in food.

After our lunch and curry search David dropped me off at my office downtown. I had a printer to take in as our office one has not worked since I got the job. I got a free one with my new computer (yes I finally replaced the bubble ruined one). It is a sad day when the university is so broke that they won't even fix your printer and you have to resort to dragging your own in. I did some calling to get myself reinstated with privileges today (I did say they failed to submit a new contract for me and the university shut me out of every thing right?? oh and didn't pay me for two three months?) well...needless to say that is not helping my job satisfaction rating at all. I managed to get a friendly faculty ID worker but the IT guy pretty much said I was on my own and had to go through the whole process of reregistering again. I was too busy to get it done today as I went in late and sorted through a bucket load of data and spend 30 minutes trying to get my printer to actually talk to my ancient desktop at work. I finally got all of the data checked in and the printer running at 7pm.

This is what Insomnia looks like on me :)

so here i sit on the couch..David went to bed ages ago and my eyes are sprung open like they are being held with toothpicks. I just watched a real tear jerker called My Name is Khan (very good but I do like bollywood and this is a modern mix of US and Bolly :))...

My weight has dropped back down a there any more rambling I can do while I wait to get sleepy? Is anyone else awake out there? :)

Note: This stuff isn't nearly as riveting as it was when I was cavorting around the UK on vacation is it :) I hope someone is somewhere having a great vacation.


Justine said...

Poor you, this all sounds pretty crappy :(
Maybe you've just got into one of those cycles where you want to sleep but you dread the thought of not sleeping so you get worked up about it and, lo and behold, you don't sleep because you were expecting not to. If that makes sense? I experienced it a little while back; luckily it only lasted 3 or 4 nights but I'm pretty sure it all came down to just getting myself worked up about the thought of not being able to go to sleep at the time I thought I should.

Moving on to nicer things - is there anything I can bring over from here to Chicago that you can't get hold of and really desparately need - I'm thinking Cadbury's Fruit & Nut, for eg?! I'm happy to fill my suitcase for a friend in need!

Shannon said...

I hate when I can't sleep!
I hope your luck changed and you were able to nod off eventually.

love the pic by the way. Made me smile

Gen said...

Love the pic LOL! The insomnia sucks. Lexapro cured mine a while ago -- and I only have to take one of them. Could you take one of your Prozac later in the day?

Is the peppermint mocha a Sbux drink? Sounds SO good!

Stephanie M. said...

I've been taking an Ambien every...and I mean EVERY...night for about 4-5 years. They even gave me one the night I was in the hospital after my band surgery. It was the only solid thing I was allowed by mouth. For an insomniac like me, Ambien is a miracle. Talk to your doctor, but my doc says I can take it every night forever.

Cece said...

I cannot function with no sleep. Hopefully you'll get back on track soon ...

Debi said...

I hear you on the insomnia...I haven't been able to get to sleep before at least 2 am in almost 6 yrs!!

Before I retired, I had to take sleeping pills just to get at least 4-6 hours of sleep, in order to be able to work the next day.

I too take Ambien, but I usually only take them on nights that I want to go to sleep early, like on vacation etc, to be on everyone else's schedule instead of taking them every night.

Which is why I do most of my Crocheting at night....

Sorry to hear about your car!! And after we went to England and France, we too loved their transit system there, and if we had had a good transit setup here, I too would have taken it instead of driving to work every day.