Monday, August 22, 2011

Sound Familiar?

Monday means work day. I am full time for the next three weeks. During a particularly tedious meeting all I could think about was...GAWD I hate this job and need to find a new one. It took so much control of my mind that even my coworker questioned why I was so silent during the meeting afterwards....I was really quite active trying not to quit right then and there. The job itself is is the chaos and frankly...people.

This was all after a delicious morning coffee and a particularly relaxing train ride into town. Since we returned from the UK I have been a public transit girl and I love love riding the train into work every morning and even home. The walk is calming. I drink my coffee while walking and riding into town and have another small one (well it is sweet treat receipt season) on my walk to the train after work.

I had visions of getting rid of one of our cars even tonight.

After I arrived home I did a big clutter busting clean (It is never ending in this house) and then got all of Graces clothes out of her closet and drawers to evaluate what she needed for school shopping. The girl has a bucket load of clothes and really needs nothing. She is not happy with this idea but I a holding firm. She will get underwear, socks, and tennis shoes. She will get one outfit to wear the first day of school and that is it for quite some tie to come.

I wish my children were hyper organized :) goodness knows I am not but is so annoying to sort through a mess like she had in her closet. :) Tomorrow Cinda is babysitting while I am at work and she is on errand for the few back to school things needed. Run the goodwill items out, and get paperwork to register Grace for her new school.

On the food front...My stomach has jet lag!! I am super tight in the morning, tight in the evening and starving hungry all day. It is odd and I am doing my best to eat what is right instead of what is easy in the evenings. Tonight David made a delicious BLT (not so great a choice but they were my garden grown tomatoes) plus some cheese curds this evening. It is now almost 11 and the food is showing no signs of moving through my stoma. The iron is helping me feel perky but also wrecking havoc with my bowels...aaaack. I have been a good girl though and keep taking them.



Colls said...

Sorry about your job, I know how hard it can be.

Public transportation is great, but I do sometimes miss driving into the office. I love to sing and that is where I did all of my singing! Loud and Proud! <3

Shannon said...

I hate the poopy issues iron causes.

I am in the same situation with my job as well. not so bad of a job but the people kinda suck!

Shannon said...

yep I will be in the Chi! We will deffinatly get togther and do a little scheming :)