Monday, August 29, 2011

Stuck on CHEESE???

This morning has been quite a trial..and I cannot even blame work (that is totally mellow except for me).

1. 3:00 am I finally fell asleep (insomnia returned-who the hell knows why)
2. 8:15 am phone call from the dentist. Did you know you had an appointment at 8 am? I responded with crap crap crap...she asked when I could get there. I answered 15 minutes. David offered to drive me because my car is in the shop. His #$%#$ truck wouldn't start so I trucked it to the train and arrived 30 minutes late but made it for the cleaning.
3. I had a tooth cleaning (ouch)
4. I had my coffee after the appointment and walked back to the train to go home because it was freaking cold and raining and I was wearing a skirt and short sleeved tshirt.
5. After arriving home I decided that some garlic cheese curds were a good idea...Hmm not so much.

6. Nichole offered to drive me downtown to work (very nice thing). I started barfing on the way down. twice before noon. twice when I hit the building. four times into a zip lock bag in my office (thank goodness I have an office and my office mate is tummy hurts so I'm not done yet.

7. I have only had trouble with cheese was right after I got the band and forgot to chew it. This is definitely a stuck thing.

so there you go girls...this band sneaks up and bites you in the butt when you get complacent so dont!!!

Update: after several more attempts to unstick the goodness knows what part of cheese curd I ran to the bathroom (cause I had to pee) and managed to unstickify it. I was seriously thinking about going in to the surgeons office for some help...and envisioning scary slips and stuff. I am on the straight and arrow with liquids tonight!!



Ronnie said...

I try to avoid cheese because it makes me bloat, but now I might have to avoid it because I'm scared I'll PB it. Eeek!

Hope you get to feeling better!

Tina said...

it has always been my goto protein source but today it has not lived up to its task :) I am better now thankfully..but might go home out of fatigue.


Linda said...

Oh that stinks about the cheese. I'm glad you took care of it. Get a big latte - that's always my go to after a bad stuck episode.
I'd be bummed if I got stuck on cheese, I live on it.

Lonicera said...

Crikey you'll be getting even thinner! Are you well below target? Look after yourself.

Stephanie said...

Life without cheese is one I don't want to live. Cheese is alwaya a good go to protein source for me, so I'm sorry to hear you got stuck. Cheese Curds, is that like cottage cheese?

Tina said...

Garlic cheese curds are just lumps of cheddar cheese coated in dill and garlic. I love them and eat them regularly. Yesterday was really some weirdness that I will not make the mistake of doing again.

Mostly I think I was having period tightness.

Caroline-Remember I gained weight while in the UK. I am just back to 164. Do not worry I am not wasting away here in the slightest. I was worrying all of my new size 8's were not going to ever fit again.

Cece said...

Yeek. I haven't had my first fill yet but I think I eat cheese at least 2x a day ... I'll be very careful because cheese must remain on the 'ok' list. I'll have to look for garlic cheese curds ~ that sounds delish !