Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1 splart =1 tablespoon according to my 12 year old

Things my 12 year old says that make me go Hmm....

1.  After reading her my post from yesterday and the comments she said in a very authoritative voice:  Well actually a splart is a little known unit of measurement approximately equal to two tablespoons..hmm or is that one?  Of course I believed her because she has the gift of LIE---There is no such mention of a splart in any google search.  If you find one definitely link it.

2.  When the local air show (just 1/2 mile down the road) started their fireworks show at 10:15 at night and it ran until 10:45 she came into our room and moaned in a very moany way.  "what the heck are they doing making such a racket at this time of the night?"...Ok she is 12 and those are fireworks.  I would expect..lets go on the rooftop or can we walk and go see but?? when are they going to end????  I guess 12 is the new 90.

3.  David is restoring an old APPLE IIe desk computer.  One just like the one he learned on at the age of 10.  He ordered old floppy disks and they arrived.  He pulled them out of the package and asked Grace if she could identify them.  She did without hesitation and you should have seen him puff up with pride.  I then gave them both a rash of crap..as you could see him thinking in his head..that my girl..my technological nerd girl..she knows the gear.  Some serious nerd love going on in my kitchen over stupid floppy disks.

A photo of this nerd girl:

Monday, July 29, 2013

Two in Two days-Wahoo

Blogging is good for the banded soul.  After my several month hiatus I posted yesterday and  cconfessed to my horrible eating/drinking habits. Today I am trying a little experiment I am going to call..EAT FOOD DAMNIT! :)

So far:

Shared an egg sandwich with Grace: 1 slice of bread, 1 egg, 1oz cheese, 1 splart of mayo.
Mid-morning snack:  one Tall peppermint mocha frapp.
Lunch: Shared fish and chips with Grace.  I ate two oz deep fat fried fish (and yes it was beer batter and yes it was YUMMY).  one french fry.
Mid afternoon: iced tea (no calories baby)

I am not sure what dinner will bring-I will be back.

My photo of the day:  My cat Kokomo is a cutie-She can sit in the oddest positions in the oddest places.  Yesterday she tortured Grace from the banister.  If Grace went near she batted at her head using just those dangling feet.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

August 24, 2008

I had a call from the researchers at the hospital last week.  they want me in to do follow-up blood tests, fitness junk, and psychological questions.  It has been almost 5 years since I had this lovely little band installed and I am pleased as punch.

Funnily enough I am on a losing streak again.  Even funnier is I am not trying really.  This band has decided to tighten up on its own and I have been experiencing greater restriction than normal..actually...unpredictable restriction.

I figured something out.  When one has predictable restriction you learn really quickly how to work around it.  Sneak in calories and optimize meals.

My typical, honest but not something to take pride in eating day:

breakfast: venti peppermint mocha frapp with whipped cream
Lunch: cheese and some bread/cracker/chip vehicle.
2:00pm-grande peppermint mocha frapp with whipped cream
Dinner: some small (1/2 cup) of food.  I usually share with Grace, David or have a cup of soup.
Late at night: alcoholic beverage (lately pimms with lemon aide or dessert)

Now is this good? no..is this normal sadly yes.

Sometimes the above, sometimes switch the drink to a grande at breakfast.
have an egg for lunch stay full until 2pm have a grande drink sneak a careful dinner down (a couple of bites or 1/4 soup).  then full until bed with maybe a little snack.

the unpredictable nature of the band right now means that I am scared to overdue it and waste food or drink.  Thus I eat and drink less across the board.

Of course what should I do?  skip the darned drinking and swap it for water of course.  Do I? well not so much.

I am facing blood tests in the next couple of weeks.  Blood tests do not lie..I am pretty sure they will find out if the above food is not enough of the good stuff and too much liquid junk in my trunk.

Now..exercise?  I have not been doing anything formal but we are still playing 'the game' of two posts back.  We walk around our neighborhood and I have a friend who tries to do 10,000 steps a day. I often walk with her int he evenings and thus by proxy get in 10,000 or so steps too.

The store is still there and going well.  The work load is huge and I am taking on a partner (fingers crossed it all works out).  The community college gig is still going well although I have taken summer off.  The department chair likes me and let me pick my class next term, days and times..I love him and if ever offered a full time gig..will jump.  Hence getting my partner on board so I can juggle both.

We have been doing a bit of adventures out and about.  Yesterday we went to the county fair and today a renaissance fair.  Both were good fun.  I even bought a bodice as I am planning a little costume for future participation and have been assured that I can wear it braless and it will look great.  Oh I will show you photos if it works at all.    wahoo..I was inspired to slip off my bra and give it a try :)  It is way more comfortable than I thought it would be!! and..voila even my saggy old girls are peeping north!!
 Grace and David Walking into the fair.  The tents you can see were the local SCA.  The shops and jousting were in the woods.  It was very well placed but had quote a few booths made up of cheap trinkets.  I would have preferred more handiwork kinds of booths.
 A spinner-A group of us are plotting to do a bunch of this at a local renaissance fair coming just down the road from me.  This is why I thought of getting a bodice in the first place.
 Even the renaissance fair needs a pub.  The green porta-potties were directly across the dusty path (eww)
 Sitting in the bodice. It is rather more comfortable than I thought it would be and boy oh boy are the girls hoisted.
Not bad at cinching in my waist either.  What do you call a muffin that appears below your bodice instead of above your jeans anyway? :)