Monday, September 9, 2013

I Never Dreamed that Cleaning House Would Count as Relaxing

I have been attempting some serious time off from work this month.  My yarn store for the month of September is officially closed on Sat, Sun and Mon.  Amazingly everyone when I tell them is VERY supportive of a small business owners need to take some quality family time off.

This weekend we filled our family time with:  Shopping at Ikea, Homegoods and Marshalls.  I scored-drawer organizers, bone china cereal bowls (pottery ones always chip to quickly around here).  Grace then went out for a sleepover and we had friends call-They were coming over for wine in 1 hour..holy house had a serious case of mess going on.

When I say serious I mean SERIOUS-too much work, too much play and no picking up piles of crap that really don't have a home to go to.  We quickly cleaned the main level (messing up our bedroom and my shop in the mean time) but...My living room, kitchen and dining room is finally habitable again.

On Sunday we took Grace to Horseback riding, went shopping to horse crap like fly spray and riding britches (don't even ask how bits of spandex can cost twice as much as yoga pants when they are made out of the same thing but with two reinforcing butt patches.

Back to her stable for a barbecue (it was OK but there is drama going on that I will address in another post).  then home to my clean living room kitchen and dining room..ahhhhhh that felt so good.

Fast forward to today-Monday.  After a morning of meetings and such Grace and I had lunch at our local and then came home with the intention of watching a little crime drama TV and folding laundry.  Two missing remote controls later I ended up poking my head into my daughters room...She had food with bugs ($$%@$#$@$).  After I had a momentary coronary we proceeded to do a major room clean, reorg and repeat the rules on NO FOOD IN ROOM.  The fruit flies totally creeped her out (thank goodness).  She was distraught in one of the mascara running bawling scenarios.

Now it is midnight-my house is a lot cleaner and for once I can say I am satisfied with my days off.  There is oh so much more to do around here but progress was made and I am feeling good.

Now there must be some hidden clue in here or technique that I could apply to my weightloss.