Sunday, November 30, 2008

Post Thanksgiving Notes-

I have been really busy at work and have not taken the time to update anyone who looks at this. Since my last post I have had some restriction and then lately-lost it pretty much completely.

I am down another 6 pounds. I was down 4 more pounds but in the last couple of weeks I have regained it. I called for a fill appointment and will go in either on Monday or Tuesday.

Interestingly this change in restriction came after I caught a stomach bug. It swept through the house and everyone vomited repeatedly. With my band (or super-human anti barf willpower) I only heaved once-The band blocked the vomit and I waited it out while my daughter was barfing her life away. the next day My stomach bug moved to an intestinal bug-if you know what I mean. After I was al done I lost 10 pounds. I know some of this was water but It really sucked to regain 4 of it slowly of the next two weeks.

So I went through all of the possible reasons that I lost restriction like that and here is my top ten list of ideas:
1. I lost fat around my band and it opened up
2. I learned how to chew better and the stuff is now soft food running through the band quicker
3. Some calamity occurred and I lost the fluid in my band

In any of the above cases I need a new fill so on Monday or Tuesday (the doctor is not sure when he can fit me in yet) I will go get one.