Monday, July 29, 2013

Two in Two days-Wahoo

Blogging is good for the banded soul.  After my several month hiatus I posted yesterday and  cconfessed to my horrible eating/drinking habits. Today I am trying a little experiment I am going to call..EAT FOOD DAMNIT! :)

So far:

Shared an egg sandwich with Grace: 1 slice of bread, 1 egg, 1oz cheese, 1 splart of mayo.
Mid-morning snack:  one Tall peppermint mocha frapp.
Lunch: Shared fish and chips with Grace.  I ate two oz deep fat fried fish (and yes it was beer batter and yes it was YUMMY).  one french fry.
Mid afternoon: iced tea (no calories baby)

I am not sure what dinner will bring-I will be back.

My photo of the day:  My cat Kokomo is a cutie-She can sit in the oddest positions in the oddest places.  Yesterday she tortured Grace from the banister.  If Grace went near she batted at her head using just those dangling feet.


speck said...

Can I have Kokomo! What a cutie and yes, what a weird place to sit.

Fish sounds good and good for you for only eating one fry!

Dawnya said...

Welcome back to blogging. That cat is too cute...and I don't like cats.

Beth Ann said...

From here forward, all my mayo will be measured in splarts.