Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Lovely Weekend Comes to a Close

I enjoyed my weekend. Friday night Grace had a sleep over with her four good friends. I had wine and walked. Saturday David and I laid in until 8:30 and then we snuck out while the night owl girls slept later and had a relaxing cup of coffee and Starbucks (for me) and eggs and bacon for the low carb guy at our local grocery/deli. After that I took David in for a surprise pedicure..he played the big manly man but I think he enjoyed it. He didn't run screaming anyway and his feet look so much more attractive. He even wore his shorts and sandals all weekend. We then walked over and David had a haircut (it was fix your man weekend I guess).

We arrived home at 11ish and the girls had just finished their breakfast of English muffins and Nutella. We took them to a couple of stores and then out to frozen yogurts. We took one home and then Grace tagged along with other two (two sisters) spending an afternoon with them. That left David and I free (whoooopppeeeee).

Just as we were about to go downtown and check out a spinning and yarn store I just heard about we got a call from Nichole. She had a horrible migraine and was not doing too well. We stopped off and picked up grant who went with us for a quick happy hour dinner at an iranian place and shopping at the spinning store. He was cheerful and well-behaved (it is much better to take a grandson along shopping than your own child :))...)

We came home picked up and ferried Grace back to another friends house and forced my friend and this girl's mom to come out with us to the local street of dreams show. She brought her baby while we brought my grandson. Both little guys were very well behaved while we looked at the houses. I don't think any of us were ready to splash out the more than $800,000.00 price tags on those houses but it was interesting to look at cabinetry and room layouts plus the furniture choices they made. The biggest thing I saw that I would like to see if I can add into our new house is they put wooden frames around many of the TV' made them look much more like art and less like boob tubes :)

Today Grace had another friend over and I slept in (reading mostly) until 11am. I got up and we went to Starbucks and then off to the Sunday market near our house. We then went to Costco for a few school supplies. When we got home Grant took a nap in Graces bed while David and I ran my poor car into the shop for its fix up this week. After we got home we went for an afternoon swim and then came home and took a lengthy walk around the neighborhood.

Tomorrow we are both dreading work...but I am looking forward to the morning house escape and coffee plus transit ride.

To leave using Caroline's technique...I have three pictures from this weekend. One from our walk tonight of the cranes behind our neighborhood.
They are building a new fab that will make chips with David's invention in them (it is all top secret of course and not actually his property because the company owns his brain). and then a funny thing he found this weekend at the local Indian grocery store...teehee. The third is a particularly nice bench we saw at the home show.

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