Monday, May 18, 2015

UP and Down and Around

I am fed up with the illness gig.  a couple of weeks ago half of my toes on my right food went numb.  This occured sometime during the night as I woke up with them that way.  They are not quite as dead as the one on my left foot.  Those lost feeling several years ago.  They are still though..not with full feeling.  Rather tingly I guess is the best thing I can say.

Two days ago my hands spazzed out again and I am back to waking up with them folded close in a very awkward way.  I wake up in the middle of the night with sharp pains that feels like I am getting a nail spiked through the middle of my palm.  I loosens up in the morning so that I can use it for the most part but still hurts.  I am back to taking an Alieve in the morning.  By 3 pm the pain starts up again.  The past two days I have popped a second one.

The weight-went back up to 204 but lo and behold yesterday had dropped back to 202.  This go round  I can feel my clothing get looser is not budging over my belly.

My trainer guy left town to take a vacation, cycle in a race and see his daughter.  I have not worked out in 7 days (and yes I know I can work out on my own..I am LAME).  I have walked a bit.

I am trying a week without wheat to see if that helps my hands.  If I can manage a week I will do a second.  Oh and yes..the pain could be coming back because I quit exercising.  I am just going to try both at the same time and see what happens.

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Amanda Kiska said...

Weird. I wonder what's going on.

I'm seeing Dr. Mattar on Thursday next week.