Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just popping in with a webpage address

Ok it is all hands on deck and busy busy here.  This is what I have been slaving over for the past week. I now have to figure out how to get online registration figured out.

The shop grand opening is June 1. I already have 7 people registered for classes.  I hope that trend continues and I have a busy summer!

Oh..almost forgot.  I popped into my surgeon and he gave me a 0.2 top up.  This is the same amount I had taken out last fall.  The visit was good.  The surgeon manipulated my shoulder a bit and suggested that the pain is probably due to pressure on my diaphragm but as my port doesn't hurt or I don't have stomach pain I am unlikely to have a problem with my band.  I didn't really feel any difference yesterday but today..I can feel it.  Best of all the scale..has turned.  I am down one pound.

Oh and by the way..the surgeon told me to get my arse back on my bike  :)  He was right I know.



Lynda said...


Sandy said...

I love it! You need to add the Pinterest button so we can Pin your pictures. I have instructions pinned on my Pinterest board. You can find me using

Great luck on this new venture. Love your craft page too. Love the cork idea--which I might just Pin for you if I ever get on my laptop. Can't do it from my iPad unless the site has a Pin icon.

Sandy said...

Here is the link to add the Pin to you website or blog

It can be good for business.

Ronnie said...

The website looks great!

Justine said...

Finally got a chance to look at your website and it looks wonderful! I'm so excited for you and your new venture.