Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Fell Into A Burin Ring of Fire :)

My friend talked me into a bike ride this morning.  She is a riding machine :)  I managed 10 miles in the lovely sunshine.  I am soooo sore now.

:)  We then came home and went to Grace;s Spring choir concert, moved a bajillian boxes of yarn into the shop.  Put together three base cabinets for my workshop while David put drawers in my tall cabinets.

Phew...Did I mention I have a bad case of bike butt. :)



Sarah said...

Go you. Long hot bath deserved later.

Lonicera said...

So, are you going nto get back into biking? When you used to blog about it it was obvious that you loved it (or the way it made you feel).
Like the website - very friendly. Look forward to seeing pics of the shop when it's all set up!

Ronnie said...

Way to get back on the... bike. :D

Happy Mother's Day, Tina!

Lyla said...

Hi to you and your bike butt!