Monday, March 1, 2010

Feeling Better and Childrens Trauma

We had a busy weekend down here with company and all the girls at home for a visit. Meghan caught a ride down with her aunt (my first husband's sister) so that they could all come down to hang out in Portland for some baby time (my grandson). Now if you recall previous chapters in this saga. Meghan, my second oldest daughter, rear ended another car last Sunday. It wasn't too serious of an accident for the other guy but for some unknown reason her car was touchy on the response system and blew out both airbags. She drove the car home and parked it. Her dad was sorting through getting the windshield replaced and having a couple of days off to catch a rider over to pick it up.

Well I think all of this should have happened faster than it did because her apartment complex apparently did not like the looks of her car in its parking spot and had it towed while she was down for her visit this weekend. We drove her home so that she did not have to take a daisy chain of public transport home and intended to have a look at the car. We missed our chance and instead had to wait around later than we wanted while she tracked down what happened to the car and make plans as to how she was gong to get it back out of the impound lot.

She has to start training for a new job today (promotion with the same employer) and getting the car out of impound is going to be a trick. She will have to figure out somewhere else to put the car until it can be sold or picked up by her dad and pay whatever huge fees they will charge. She will have to do all of this on a break at work or by phone during lunch as everything closes before she gets off work. If she doesn't get it done today the fees go up and she pays more and more out of the money she needs to get a new car. I have learned from my children as they navigate moving from the poverty level to making a decent living (and this daughter has a good college degree). When you are poor there is always someone or something waiting to yank you right down. My two oldest daughters have experienced this time and time again. Poor medical care, services with an attitude, and gotcha moments that are just not kind or necessary and would never happen to those with more income, home ownership and medical insurance. I feel for her-life is tougher these days than i remember it when i first left home to be poor. They really cut you no slack.

OK-on the diet front my hunger and restriction has been up and down. I am still struggling to get enough liquids in. I just don't think about drinking. I can eat just fine and eat more than usual. The scale is creeping down a tad and very slowly. I was at 199.2 for the second day in a row. When I logged the 199 above it was 199.8.

With some meals I can tell the food stays in my pouch much longer than the surgeon stated 20 minutes. I had a hard shell taco last night (fast food and it was part of the mad dash to get home after dropping off Meghan). I finally burped the last bit of it through when I got out of the truck to come in the house. That was 3 hours in my pouch. How long does your food stay north of the band? I have in half a bagel from this morning (shockingly I could eat it) and it is still hanging around in my band after 1 hour. Advice please? Do other doctors have different opinions? If I told him I am almost positive he would turn me down on the fill that I really think I need.

Ok update-the bagel did not stay down---Thank goodness I had a ziplock bag while driving!

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Girl Bandit said...

I have no idea how long food stays in my pouch....should I??? I must post about this. Sorry to hear about your daughter's struggles...can they really just take her car away like that???