Monday, March 8, 2010

An I Miss Salad Alternative

I miss salad. I ate salad for almost 20 years. I was good and sick of it by the time I got the band and when I discovered lettuce was just not going to be compatible with this band I really didn't care. Hamburgers and bread required a FAR longer grieving process. Well it has finally hit me. I miss it. I have been craving a nice crunchy salad for about 2 weeks now.

I created a passable alternative today that I thought I would share. It helps me pump up my protein, is crunchy and fresh tasting like a salad and

Tina's Not Salad

1/2 of an English cucumber quartered and sliced.
1 sprig of fresh dill
4oz of imitation crab meat (chipped so the fibers are short)
1 T of light mayonnaise.
Fresh ground salt and pepper.

mix it all up in a bowl and you have my breakfast and lunch for the day.

I found some long forgotten red vines in my desk drawer so don't be thinking I am totally successful on my ramping down on the Carbs---I have eaten 2...I vow to stop right now!


Sandy Lee said...

I'm missing salads and uncooked veges too. I was hoping I would be able to eat them again but maybe not. I do love cucumber with tomato, feta, peppers and a greek dressing, especially in the summer.

Colls said...

Put the red vines down!

Thanks for the not salad recipe, that sounds really good! <3

chicroses said...

I think you and I weigh the same looks like.I am having such a struggle with fault..but were walking. Your salad sounds good. We seen my SIL Anna yesterday..she had the gastric bypass..she has lost I think she said 80lbs. But she has alot of hairloss..but she was thin to begin with..and of course our age we wrinkle bad..I dont want to get down to my normal weight...I dont want to be a wrinkled old lady..hahahh So glad you are doing so sally

THE DASH! said...

That sucks - since lettuce is so good - and good for you. I'm so glad it's one thing I can still eat. I would die if I couldn't have the occasional salad.

THE DASH! said...

Hey Tina,
Whats going on in my yard? Well, we are slipping into autumn here but it's still really hot. This week we have temps ranging from 28 degrees C to 37 (tomorrow.. yuck!!).. so my garden is a little water deprived .. (we have water restrictions.. only allowed to water twice a week.. eek).. my annuals have died.. they look sad but apart from that everything else is going fine. Growing like mad. I think its time to plant a few more things for colour though. Does much grow in winter?

Justine said...

I'm intrigued that you call something we just know as 'cucumber', an 'English cucumber'. Out of curiosity, is there something in N.America known just as 'cucumber' and what is it?