Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tight Again, Up the Scale Again, and A Challenge

This morning my weight was up (despite my goodish day yesterday). I am now rotating from 197 to 199.8. This is an improvement over the last two weeks as before it was 199 to 204. Somehow my failed fill caused me to shift down a notch?? Yep I know this makes no sense whatsoever.

I am also about exactly as tight as I want to be when on a losing phase. Today my food included 3oz imitation crab, 1T lighth mayo. 1/2 piece of Davids celebration bread (bread with nuts and raisins (It caused some sliming but no pb). 4triscuit crackers, 1/4 cup chocolate ice cream (I couldn't finish the cone today). 1.5 cups orange juice and 1oz vodka. For dinner I managed 3/4 English muffin and 2oz cheese. Way too many carbs as usual and not enough vegetables.

Ok onto my challenge:

Since I'm all into this Spring has sprung thing Go out and take one picture that shows how the season is shaping up where you live and then post it on your blog. There are enough of us all over the world for this to produce some nicely diverse pictures. You need not devote a whole entry to it..just put it in there somewhere with a caption.

Happy Spring everyone!!


Jennifer said...

I'm up for your challenge!
My blog is here: http://jenslapbandjourney.blogspot.com/

Jen from Oregon said...

I'll post one on blog from my ranch :) need to take one!

Jennifer said...

I added my photo today Tina!