Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring has Sprung

I love Sunday...It is really the only day of the week that is mine to fill (Ok ours as David and Grace are home too). A Sunday in Springtime is one of the best days there is. Today was a nice and restful day full of family fun, alone fun and only a smidge of work.

First off I slept in.........ah lovely

Obviously this is not me..but this perfect stranger really looks like he is having a good sleep doesn't he?

I woke up to a nice calm morning with a diet coke and an email read. Followed by a bit of 'lunch' with two tablespoons of egg salad, 1/2 of a Grace made pancake, and 1 oz cheese.

We then went off to find small single serving baking cups to make individual quiches, shepards pie or some other foodstuff in. We did find some cute ones made in Portugal. They are Olive green with a fluted edges around the tops. We then went to our local Home Depot for some steer manure for the garden and finally to the grocery store for a shop for next week. David is at bat for meal planning this week. He planned the menus, made the grocery list and even prepped some of the meals today.

Once home David went to work on his cooking and baking. He is working his way through the bread-bakers apprentice book making each recipe and logging it on a facebook group discussion board....and in case you are wondering...I am soooooooo grateful that I have a band and can at most eat 1/2 a slice of his bread experiments. woohoooo they are beautiful and tasty..but i only have just that...a taste.

I went outside and dug up two raised beds with my lovely Japanese cultivating tool (love love love this hand tool), amended the soil with one cubic foot of manure in each of the two raised beds and proceeded to plant. I put in two kinds of peas (Alaska early and Snow peas) and then three kinds of potatoes (red, yukon gold and purple). I am quite happy with my cleverness as I dug out a trench around the edge of one of the rectangular bed by mounding up the dirt in the center. I dropped a cut potato 12 inches apart around the sides and then just barely covered them with soil. The remaining soil will go on each time I see the greens reach the surface. Word has it that this will encourage more layers of potatoes.

I still have onion sets to go in but saved the preparation of the other two of my raised beds for another day. I love gardening and this year seems to hold so much promise for some reason :) I have my eye on two scrubby bits at the end of the yard that I will tackle soon to hold sunflowers, corn, watermelon and maybe a few winter squash. I promise pictures eventually :)

just to show you that I do take pictures sometimes-Last evening I took a few pics of flowers in my front yard. Here is a sample for your springtime viewing pleasure.

Oh and I got a nice award from Hawaiian Bound Bandster but I have not yet put up the required stuff..I will get on that this week. Thank you for it!! I will do a proper treatment and thank you ASAP.

This climbs all over the side of my garge and is positioned so that the sweet smell floats around you as you walk up to the front door. It is an evergreen clematis.

A close up shot of the flower on the clematis

This poor bush does not look especially healthy but the smell-so lemony. I think it is called Diane (but am not sure)

Several years ago I bought 100 of these daffodil bulbs in a bag and sprinkled them all over my front yard. I have been reaping the rewards ever since.

I love these little grape hyacinths. They multiply at rapid pace here.


Girl Bandit said...

Your garden looks wonderful..I hae gardening and am so jealous

Justine said...

Spring has sprung here too - an entire week with sunshine and blue skies (although still quite chilly). Good to see the back of the snow and rain (hope I haven't spoken too soon!)

Lonicera said...

You sound really chirpy! Lovely looking flowers. I ventured out this weekend as it was sunny, and was sad to discover that thanks to the unusual freeze we had, my mimosa (wattle) had so many dead branches round the lower half, that all that's left is the crown.

Jacquie said...

Your flowers garden looks great! I'm in FL and still waiting for Spring to spring! Not fair.

amandakiska said...

My friend who leaves in Battle Ground, WA says they are calling for snow in the Pac NW tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it...Your garden is lovely. My guy is a bread maker too. I'm glad I can still eat bread with my band, but not too much.