Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally the Scale Budged!

After what seemed like a month but was really only two weeks of no movement on the scale I went from 199.2 to 197.6 today...I was beginning to worry my run was over when in fact it really wasn't all that long at all. My brain sure does exaggerate the length of time between losses- The weight ticker sure does keep me honest about things. As long as I type in the date and weight loss every time the numbers do not lie. I am one stinking pound from being 'just' overweight. I am officially going to change my ticker goal to 163.5 :) that is the highest number I can be and hit the normal BMI range. It is a crazy...crazy...odd feeling to be getting this close to normality.

In the end yesterday I ate very little and did try to take it easy on my stomach after my morning bagel fiasco. When will I learn? Sometimes I think that I spend more time pushing against the boundaries of what I am supposed to do than I do conforming to what I know I should do. I suppose that behavior is what got me into my obese mess in the first place.

The food totals yesterday:
Breakfast 1/2 a bagel toasted with cream cheese-at least 1/2 of it back up again.
luncha chocolate chip cliff bar from my office mates desk drawer. I am sick of my pretzel protein bars and these are OK tasting. They are a bit higher in calories (240) and have about 10 grams of protein.
Snack-3/4 of a tall, skim, peppermint mocha from starbucks, 3 bites from a cranberry scone.
Dinner3/4 cup of home-made mac and cheese (I had some at dinner and then a little more later in the evening).

On the excellent news front I got an email from some people I met at the conference I attended last week and they have asked me to come in to meet about a potential JOB!! I already have a gig this spring at the local community college teaching algebra. This addition might start as another pick up class and if I am very, very lucky expand into a full time grant paid position. woohooo The most important and best of all part is that it is local..only 20 min. drive from my house. I could use some collective group finger crossing on this one :)

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Sandy Lee said...

My fingers are crossed and so are my toes. Good luck!