Saturday, March 6, 2010


The interview went well. It was more of a chit chat and get the lay of the land kind of thing. I went away slightly hopeful that this place might provide at least a home-base and fun people to do an odd contract with occasionally. In a best case scenario it might end up providing me with a full time job but nothing is sure or set.

On the band front the chomper band is now wide open again and my stomach is is screaming for food. I have so far managed to keep the weight down still but i fear I am about to swing back up on the wrong side of 200.

With just 30 ish pounds left to lose I have decided it might be time to pull out the diet me again and really try to power the rest of this weight off with hard work and a tiny fill when the distant appointment time comes. S

o the game plan-increase my protein with a shake in the morning. Increase my protein by having a bit of cheese for snacks (minus the crackers) and then a fishy lunch (either crab, tuna or shrimp). and then eat whatever is on the menu for dinner. I also plan to up my bike-riding another notch by putting in daily shorter rides in addition to my Monday night long ride.

Spring has sprung here in the northwest and i feel all hopeful that this is the season to finish up to goal-increase my fitness-and keep up all of the progress I have made (and not blogged about) since Christmas. Ill do some pics to show you whats been up around here since the beginning of the New Year's resolution game plan.


Jacquie said...

It sounds like you have a plan in place! You can do it....just turn around and see what you've already done! Fingers crossed on the job front.

DocSly said...

I will take your advice and pull out the diet again. I have 50 left to lose.