Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weekday Dish

Breakfast-1 can diet coke
Mid morning-3 lemon girl scout cookies
Lunch-2 oz imitation crab, 1 light lemon yogurt (13 grams protein)
Snack-sesame honey cookie things (6 grams protein)
Protein bar (200 cal-16 grams protein)
Dinner-I made a not very protein laden pasta recipe i got from an Italian cooking show (recipe below). probably (3 grams of protein tops)
After dinner-4 lemon girl scout cookies
1.5 cups orange juice and 1oz vodka (.15 grams of protein).
Some water and another Diet Coke during the day.

Central Italian Low Protein Pasta :)
Pasta boiled
broccoli steamed
old dried up bread grated
olive oi

steam the broccoli or cauliflower, boil the pasta.
cover the bottom of a small skillet with olive oil
lightly brown the garlic, pour in the breadcrumbs and brown them
pour the broccoli, pasta and crumbs toss add parsley and almonds.

Grace helped me make it. We had fun as this was a very kid friendly recipe and we both loved it. David did not.
Overall not so good with the protein.

I am not sure if writing this stuff down is good. On the one hand I am facing the fact that my choices aren't so good but on the other hand I am starting to have that deep in my stomach feeling of the food more important or is the feeling?


amandakiska said...

Most enriched pastas have between 8 and 15 grams of protein per cup so depending on how much you had, it may have had more protein than you thought.

Also I am curious about the soda drinking. It seems like most docs say no soda as it can cause the stomach pouch to enlarge. I'd love to have diet soda again. Have you heard something different or are you just a rebel?

Justine said...

I'm not a huge fizzy soda drinker so it hasn't bothered me being told it's something to avoid but, typically, the minute you are told not to have something, is the minute you REALLY want it! How do you get on with soda?

Tina said...

I think I have a post about the pop somewhere back on this blog but..My surgeon never said no. I read several articles that said there was no evidence that the pop posed problems with the band. Now having said all that I do drink it slow and careful with caution. Never ever with food and only on an empty stomach.

Band Groupie said...

Tina- Please understand I'm truly just curious...I just saw your latest blogs on what you're eating. You keep your band tighter than I do as I don't have any foods that I can't eat (it's just a personal choice we all make). I'd be curious to see your volume of amounts with foods (ie. it looks like you've had more than 1/2C at lunch, but maybe you can do that since the yogurt slides through faster and the crab you had is the only solid?) as well as the nutrition you get in a day...I'm wondering if you do lots of high protein snacks, like the protein bar you listed, to get it all in and how you get your veggies and fruits? If you PB when you eat more than 1/2C, then that's obviously your limit, which was a very good point that some docs may place the band much higher. I'm sure you could help others who have similar pouches/tightness with this. Great point about the band placement!

I'm always curious about the differences in our bands and how we all get where we want to be. No two journeys are ever the same are they? You're doing great!! -BG