Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yogurt -Man It Makes Me Feel Tight

What is with yogurt? I don't know if I am weird or what but I just spent the last hour trying to eat one small Yoplait light lemon flavored yogurt. It took forever to comfortably get it down. Does anyone else have more difficulty eating soft stuff than they do real food?

This is my cannot in a million years eat this: lettuce, hamburger

This is my hard to eat list: ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, protein smoothies, scrambled eggs.

This is my used to be hard to eat but maybe I need a fill list: bread, pasta (I have not tried rice in forever), reheated foods, potatoes, berries

This is my I can eat it: toasted bread, crackers, cheese, chicken, beans, protein bars, steak, ground turkey, apples, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers....

Ohh i just had a brilliant plan-the first 15 people who post a seasonal photo from their area get my sunshine award. Jen at is my first taker. I am taking the camera to the horse barn with me today-will see what I can find there for my pic.



Linda said...

I get that feeling with yogurt too. It goes so slowly I get like a choking feeling(even though I know I'm not). You'd think it would just slide right down...

THE DASH! said...

There really is no rhyme or reason with the band sometimes, is there? You can eat chicken, yet not ice cream (which might not be a bad thing... lol) Just too strange. And yeah, sometimes I do get that with yoghurt too. Yesterday I had a thick yoghurt and it was sticking.. huh??
I'm on your spring photo challenge too. Just have to take the lovely pic. Well, for me its autumn now, so that will be my offering. xx