Monday, March 22, 2010


My week long quest for a new road bike came to an end Sunday afternoon with the purchase of a pretty (but not the green color I hoped for) gray bike. My old bike a 1970's schwinn is also gray. It is much heavier and too big for me (I didn't know it was too big until I started shopping).

So now my old bike.

The bike that got me off the couch and onto its big squishy seat is now being replaced by my new fancy, light, fast and smooth Fuji bike. I have bike shorts, gloves, clippy shoes, a pretty green jacket all in preparation for the next phase of this whole lap-bandy journey.

Last night I made a riding schedule after reading an article about how to prepare for long road rides. According to the author of this article it is best to work up to your long ride by going a long distance one day per week and then 5 shorter rides that add up to twice the length of the long ride. Every week you increase your long ride incrementally until you you can ride 75% of the goal ride.

I did all of the math and this week I am to ride one long ride for 12 miles and 5 short rides that are 4 miles each. I picked 12 miles because I know I can already ride that far and I have plenty of time to move up to the 37.5 miles I need to be able to do the week before the 50 mile ride.

These are both borrowed pictures.
I will try and get a few of me actually on the bike in my fancy new gear over the next few weeks.


amandakiska said...

Sounds like my 10K training schedule. I will be walking that, but I did bike to work today. Just over three miles, I think.

Nola said...

Great bike!! I would love to bike ride but my back injury doesn't allow me!! I will live the biker life through you!!

Girl Bandit said... that running is off the cards for me I would like to take this up. Will watch your progress for info...LOL The hills scare me though!!!