Sunday, March 28, 2010

Feeing Better and Awesome Bike Ride

I have no ill effects from yesterday. I did not eat anything for breakfast as I got up, showered and dashed out for a bike ride. After I returned home I made what is now apparently our Sunday lunch tradition (this is according to my oldest daughter Nichole, Grace and David). I refined the salmon patty recipe and like it better plus is it much lower in fat.

1 small can salmon
2 eggs
3/4 c panko crumbs (really crispy dried bread crumbs)
1 clove garlic minced
1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley
dash cayenne pepper
1/2 c diced green onion

I mixed it all together made patties about 3 inches in diameter and pan fried them in olive oil. David is the cook now but he cooks them on medium low with a lid until they are nicely browned on both sides.

The bike ride this morning was awesome! My friend Liz picked me up in her car. She loaded my bike with hers in the back, parked at a school on the edge of the riding area and we rode for 8 miles up and down country hills near where I live. I found out that the 8 mile loop I have been taking around my neighborhood is not even close to as challenging as a country lane ride. Rolling hills are wayyyy harder. Riding on a road with no bike lane and edged by water filled ditches was not as freaky as I worried about and although the ride was challenging and in the wind and rain it was really fun. I had to walk up two hills and stupidly was ready to keep going on. Thankfully Liz was smart enough to know when I was at my limit because she encouraged me to go back to the car...By the time we hit the last two hills before the car I was ready to give in. I gained much more knowledge about how to use my gears to help me get up hills and how not to look up at how high a hill is when I'm climbing it. Instead I look at my feet and cuss and chant one more..

After we got back to the car and loaded up our bikes Liz took me where we would have ridden if she had agreed....eeeekkkkkk it was a wicked bunch of scary twisty hills. I want to own those hills eventually but not today.

I am now sitting on the couch with my laptop and can feel my thigh muscles periodically twitch..So much difference from my old lazy ways.


THE DASH! said...

lol Scariest feeling in the world when you're hurtling dowwwwn windy tracks and feel out of control on a bike. You will get to do that hill eventually. Sounds like you did a great round of exercising though and I'm glad theres no ill effects from yesterday. I was thinking of you!

Linda said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm so impressed by your bike riding. I have to find something I like doing.

Anonymous said...
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Girl Bandit said...

Well done. Lucky you to have a friend to help you navigate your course. And a great goel to inspire you

Debi said...

Wow! Sounds like you are really getting into some serious bike riding!!

And here I am happy when I walk a couple of miles!

And thank you for your comment on my blog!

I would love to meet with you when we are in Portland, if we can arrainge it!! Walt has always been very supportive, and hopeful that I might meet one of my blogger friends someday! I had totally forgot that you live in the Portland area!

Our friends in Portland, live South of the 26, East of the 217 and West of 5 (if this means anything to you). I am not sure what this area is called though! We have only been there a couple of times.

We are going to be there in late September. I think we will be there last week or two of the month, but I can give you more details later when I get them.

amandakiska said...

I love bike rides, but only on relatively flat ground.