Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Fill is Back...

Ok I am completely befuddled with this fill. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I scheduled and went in for a failed fill. Well my band has completely done an about face and now I am so tight right now that I am seriously worried I am too tight. I am hanging on and being very careful with the food intake-especially after last night and today.

Last night I made a self-concocted meal that I think is totally delicious and everyone else dislikes in the house. I took turkey burger, creamy pesto sauce, parsley, cooked carrots and zucchini. once browned i put the meat sauce in the bottom of my le cruset pot. On top of this I poured corn bread batter. After 20 minutes in the oven I had a yummy casserole thingy. I had my 1/2 cup. I could only eat 1/4 of a cup and I avoided most of the cornbread. The meal sat in my pouch for hours..I didn't feel like I was going to throw it up but it didn't go down either. Around bedtime I drank a glass of water slowly and it pushed what was left through. As everyone else didn't like my meal my guess is that it is now all going to have to be thrown in the garbage.

Today I woke up feeling like i had a little acid reflux. I had a drink and it got better. Had some cheese and crackers for lunch and things felt a little burn-y again. Drank more water and it went away again. I felt fine all afternoon and evening and then had a glass or Orange Juice and then some more cheese and crackers for dinner. Again slight burn. I will have some more water before bed and see what tomorrow brings. I will definitely be taking it easy over the next few days.

I hope I don't need an unfill. and I hope this isn't some scary complication!


amandakiska said...

Hi Tina! I just found your blog and I was am really excited to see another Oregonian. I am in Eugene. I'm going to read some of your older posts. It looks like you are farther along than I am. I am just three weeks in.

Sandy Lee said...

I found orange juice was too acidic for my gastric reflux and gave it up years ago. You might try something less acidic to see if it helps after dinner.