Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekday Dish

It is Thursday...and seriously it never fails that on Thursday I find myself eating some crappy thing or another and mentally kicking myself and thinking crap I am going to have to write this down tonight! :)

Breakfast-one tall skinny peppermint mocha no whip. 1/2 Starbucks oatmeal with nuts, dried fruit and brown sugar.

Snack-4 bites of a molasses cookie.

Lunch out-fish and chips (2 small pieces about 3oz and 3 french fries

Snack-two squares of bacon chocolate (Yummmy) and 4 squares of Cadbury's dairy milk. Later...1/4 cup tuna no mayo but pickles.

Dinner out-we went out for Thai food. 1 wanton, 1 deep fat fried tofu cube, 1 orange chicken tidbit, 1/4 cup chicken panang curry, 2 T rice.

I was very hungry today and also very open for me. now the weird thing is that I am losing weight still-was right at 295.0 today. I figure it must be the bicycle calorie burning so I am going to monitor things for a while...sheesh If i can eat more and still lose weight I'm not going to mess with things.

I went shopping to Macy's today to look for Justine's slacks. I did find them..but that is another story (I emailed her)...While there I tried on two shirts that looked nice on the hanger and were 75% off. I noticed while in the dressing room that my body has changed and being the critical person that I am...not so good. I am all skinny from the waist down and have a thick waist and stomach. Now i know some of this can be helped by a good tummy tuck but sheesh. I hope that whatever I lose weight-wise from here on out includes some waist fat.

I didn't ride my bike last night so now I have to do it tonight. Sadly it is late and rained all day with windy blech weather...I guess in order to uphold my weekly requirements I am going to have to go ride for 4 miles on my stationary trainer..blech soooo borring. Maybe i can read while i pedal.

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THE DASH! said...

Skinny from the waist down and thick across the middle.. well LESS thicker.. much less thicker but still there - that is me too!

Sounds like you've had a busy time!!