Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Still Worried But Happy

I spent today relaxing with a neighbor dad and five girls at a nearby children's museum. No work...Only worrying about work a little. I spent a long time knitting one of my new socks while I sat on a bench and let the girls play. ahhhhhh so relaxing and something I have not really done in what feels like ages.

Even when I have 'relaxed' I have stewed and worked in my head worrying about the ever mounting pile of tasks waiting me at home. Thanks to my all or nothing ultimatum yesterday from job number 1 I am now a part time girl at job number 2...and I am getting used to it. The pile of work is now swiped clean. I have a couple of wrap up things and prep for my two new classes. I have also done a little scheming about how I can pull in some extra money but over all...good.

This evening Grace is spending the night at a friends house and David isn't home yet. I am enjoying a peaceful warm spring afternoon with a cool breeze coming in through my open patio doors listening the birds and is pretty good.

Oh and I almost forgot..down another pound.


Yana said...

SO maybe this change is for the best...I have things from old jobs hanging over my head and they are a huge source of stress for me. I finally made up my mind to hire someone to help me finish them off - it's book keeping stuff that makes me crazy. Because when I am stressed about stuff to do I look for escape, especially in food. So if it's less stuff to worry about...thats only a good thing.

Lonicera said...

It's good to relax and enjoy the spring day as you were doing - which means you mustn't get stressed about too much work???
I laughed out loud at the thought of your knitting "one" sock - as you like to wear odd socks this gives you the freedom of knitting it exactly as you please (um - MAYBE that's how you got the idea: a way to disguise the fact that you couldn't knit two socks that were the same?????????????????!!)

Tina said...

hahah I actually have never knitted a sock before but what a good idea. I am starting with an easy pattern but when I am better at it I might actually only make one sock. Right now my mis-matched socks are kind of made to be worn that way. They come in a big pack of coordinated mixable socks. I will probably give this pair away or something. I want a pattern for just footy socks. These are knee high.

I have been working so long at a rapid pace that I am not sure I know how to just relax. I am working on it though. Part of that New Year's resolution time management thing.

Girl Bandit said...

Sounds very relaxing...try to go with it!!!