Sunday, March 14, 2010

Perfect Band Right Before My Fill and Spring

Bandy Child
You know how whenever you make a doctors appointment for you child after waiting ages for some sore to heal up or crusty skin or an abnormal cough or whatever the child miraculously recovers?. Then you go into the doctors office looking like an over-protective parent. Well my dear band child has, this weekend, again-decided that she has plenty of saline and has behaved as a very tight band should. I can eat-I can drink but this new 'cured' band stops me fast and keeps me full for ages. I am happy but would have preferred she fix herself last week. I might have to cancel this long awaited and delayed doctors appointment.

Season Pictures From My Friends

I remembered to snap my picture on a rainy blustery day. Here is the view I have from my kitchen window--only you are on the opposite side looking into my kitchen. March 11, 2010. Portland, Oregon.

Taken by Jen from On 03/11/10 from somewhere in the Midwest USA.

I will keep adding pics if you send them to me or leave a comment and tell me to go look! I would like a sample from around the world.


Jacquie said...

I'm glad you're feeling restriction again!

Jen said...

I left a spring photo of a pretty star magnolia and the space needle on my blog- definitely signs of spring here in the great Northwest- flowers and a sunny day! love it:)

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Sorry I had to delete, I'm a dork.

You photo is beautiful - I can't wait to see flowering trees here.
Just for geographical clarification - I'm in Northwestern Illinois. :)

Jen from Oregon said...

Those bands of ours are hard to figure out???

I posted a spring pic on the right side of my blog.... geese!

Anonymous said...
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Lonicera said...

Hi Tina - I've been following your ups and downs, and you're hanging in there... lovely to see pictures.