Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Slow Shrink

I have moved into a new weight loss phase. I rather like it actually. My tightness is really up and down during the day and from day to day. The unpredictability is keeping me on my toes and keeping me away from the testing I have done on my band so many times in the last year and 1/2. The combination of better eating habits and nice amounts of exercise have made it so I am losing about a pound every week or so. Today I dropped again to 194. wahhooooo.

I am now trying to increase my protein and water (This is always my goal it seems). I have had periodic waves of slight dizziness lately. I think it is hunger but the dizzy if showing up more often accompanied by tummy hunger. I figure it is either the long bike rides making me hungry (10 miles last Saturday, 8 on Sunday, 5 on Monday, Today rest) or my body finally figuring out I have lost weight and kicking into fight-back mode.

Now I know I said I was 'done' but I am fine with losing a bit more and I am totally fine with the firming up of my legs (bike-riding is doing wonderful things for my calves and thighs). My yoga pants are now too big and I am wearing Hand me down outfits from my daughters!

The one down side at this point is that I am now too small for my bra. In 110 pounds I have managed to only go down in bra size once. This will be a second. Up to this point I have worn Le mystere bras. They have the formed cups. It is not so much the band that is too is my boobs that are shrinking. Right now I am sitting here with a half filled cup. Since they are formed cups I have been able to wear it without anyone knowing but it is beginning to drive me a little buggy. Obviously my skin is all stretched out so im living in pancake land here. I might try Victoria's secret for the first time in my life.

Since I started on this underwear conversation I will let you in on a little secret..and I do not know why I have done just sort of happened. I have not bought new panties since I started this. Only my boy shorts style ones have posed a problem. My granny panties stay up just fine...only there is a lot of fabric there :). Needless to say if anyone tried to give me a wedgy they would find it impossible. I'm thinking since i have claimed goal that maybe I should get some smaller panties as well. I guess this is another reason to go to Victoria's Secret eh?


Girl Bandit said...

Go a matching set...go on!!!! I sent you thebook today. Cara is very keen to have it after you...if that counts????

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

A little VS is a great non-food treat for all your hard work, go for it, you have earned it!

amandakiska said...

For crying out loud, go buy some new bras and panties! I love that since you decided you've reached your goal you've lost weight. Isn't that just the way it goes? It is like how they always say you'll never find love until you stop looking for it (total crap BTW).