Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flu is Better-My Attitude Sucks

Hmm Is there such a thing as Post-fludom depression?

Weight Worries: I think I have it. No weight loss in the distance past (back up to 200 today)-arghghg. I am calling to see if the doctor has had a cancellation on Monday and maybe get back on my bike tomorrow???

poor me...I think I need something sweet :)..ahh how the habits die hard. I was a hound for sweet today. I finally had a see's butterscotch sucker (50 calories) and a bowl of sugar coated rice puffs with milk at 11pm. Thank goodness my husband was not buying into my ..whiny make me something desserty attitude. Damn him :)


Barbara said...

I hear you about the flu... it's a really doosey going round and knocks you on your ass.. Hang in there.. perhaps some SF hot chocolate will help? Tea w/honey? I found when I was in the grazing mode, I kept drinking tea otherwise the sweet tooth would take over.. It's amazing how you can rationalize what you can eat... be well

Band Groupie said...

No fun, I had it too...SF chocolates?

I'm here:

Girl Bandit said...

I usually feel so flat after the flu...behind on everything and less time to get it all done. Take care and get well soon