Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Silent Semi-Anonymous Followers

My followers list grew a bit today and as I have seen commented on a couple of blogs-many of you do not have a blog posted that I can link to. I would love to know more about you. When I get a new follower I always try to find a blog to at least check out :)...and probably follow too (although I often do this in fits and spurts).

If you do have a blog leave a comment and address so I can come over for a visit! I promise to leave a comment back. If you have a blog listed and I didn't find it yet-rest assured I will be visiting and commenting soon!

If you do not have a blog I would very much appreciate it if you would drop me an email or post a little comment to this post telling me a little more about yourself and perhaps what brought you to my bloggy little home.

I noticed i got my first non-spouse guy follower..woohoooo. I was never this popular when i was hanging out in bars in my youth :)..come on talk to me!


Girl Bandit said...

Hi Tina...not sure why my link does not show up....www.myspats@blogspot.com

See you soon ;)

chicroses said...

Just read your comment..wished you lived closer...we could paint together. I dont know why everyone is so spread out.So sad. I read your lobster story...I have had it once..it is good but not so good to spend the money..you will like crab.. you should next try salmon. We ate a anthonys sunday and I had sturgeon..oh great...the sauce on it yum..fish is good if it doesnt have a fishy taste. sally