Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sick and Employed

I woke up with what I hoped was allergies on Wednesday. The hotel I stayed at was swanky but they had a little mold problem in the main hallway. It rained the night I arrived. The hotel buildings were arranged in a semi-circle and connected with one long hallways. I was in building 4. Every day when i walked to my building there was a strong smell of mold was pretty potent at the end of my hallway. I occasionally have allergy problems and thought (OK i was hoping) that my sore throat and snotty nose plus a really dry mouth was the result of that mold.

Nope-it is some bug I picked up. Today I had a mild fever and felt like crap. I mustered up gumption to do all the things I needed to do adding in an hour nap in the middle.

Good stuff:

I went to a job interview for a part time teaching job at the local community college. I got it and will teach an algebra class part online and part face to face this spring.

I tutored a paying customer this afternoon.

I am on a weight down swing slowly creeping down towards 198.

I am not hungry at all. I am assuming it is the illness.

Not so good:

Grace had a friend home from school and because all three of the girls are the same age they all did math together and I didn't feel like I could charge the girls mom (she is my friend) for tutoring.

I did not have much enthusiasm for the whole thing as I was sick. At one point I saw sparkles of light (Not sure what the deal was there but it finally went away after I got a drink of water).

I don't think I will be able to quit my job just yet as one class and one tutoring student doesn't compensate for full time employment.

I have a feeling Spring term is going to be one hell of a ride.

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Girl Bandit said...

Not enough...but a good start. Hope you feel better soon