Friday, February 26, 2010

#$@%$$ Flu

I'm still sick. I got up to see Grace and David off for the day and landed myself back on the couch to look at my email. 5 hours later I woke up and my older daughters came in and gave me heck about napping on the couch with a snuggy. I now have a horrendous back ache from sleeping on lumpy couch pillows.

I am now ready for bed again at it is 830 pm. I haven't been this sick in years.


THE DASH! said...

Oh you poor girl! That's miserable - I didn't know you were ill. Sending lots of 'get well quick' thoughts to you.

Lonicera said...

Look after yourself Tina - and that means your back too!! I'm OK but would also love to sleep sleep sleep without being woken up by loving partners or cats. Maybe send me some of that flu?

Linda said...

Take care Tina. Get as much rest as you can(maybe off the couch).
Feel better soon.

Girl Bandit said...

Take care and keep resting...hugs