Friday, February 5, 2010

Wednesday Crazy Grace Day

Wednesday I carried on working on the stuff I did not finish on Tuesday and cleaned up after the Tuesday babysitting day and cook-fest. We have to keep the house ship shape for potential house viewers. I might moan here but I really to LOVE the fact as I have said many, many times before that my house is always tidy.

After school was Grace's horseback riding lessons. My looming work deadline made it so we could not mooch around after school for an hour. Instead I brought her some paper and pens and a snack to eat while we parked in front of the stables. I worked away on my submission while we waited for her teacher to get there. While Grace rode in the muddy dark stable I actually carried in my laptop and papers and kept working on a stool with my laptop on my knee. Thankfully I finished the first draft like this.

After the lesson it was a dash to pick up David from work, a quick spin around the fabric store looking for a friends birthday present (unsuccessfully) and finally back to Grace's school for an evening parent meeting. After the fabric store and before the meeting I had a flashback to my old eating life when we drove through a fast food place for dinner. I managed one piece of fish and 2 french fries from a shared basket of fish and chips (David shared with me). We got home at 9pm.

I decided after we got home that I should have packed our dinner. It would have had to be cold but would not have been that difficult with a little pre-planning. Next time I will see how that strategy works.

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Drats, missed that you had this post and messaged on your last one.